What is the capital of Rwanda

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Kigali is the capital of Rwanda

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, where it is centered in the center of the country on the Ruganwa River. After 1895, specifically during the German administration of the country, Kigali was a commercial center, and it became in the time of the Belgian colonization 1919-1962 a regional center, and in 1962 Kigali became the capital of Rwanda after its independence.
Kigali was founded in 1907 when Rwanda was a German colony, and that was at the hands of the explorer and doctor Richard Kandt after the German colonial administration appointed him a high representative in Rwanda. Kigali was at that time a small town and seat of some of the kings, while Astrada was the colonial capital of Rwanda.

Kigali geography and climate

Kigali is located in a hilly area, where there are four hills in the middle of the valleys, so it was called the land of a thousand hills, and these chains are considered to be relatively sloping, with an average height of about 1.6 km, while the height of Mount Kigali is about 1.85 km, in addition to that The main government area and the city center are located in separate chains. The city is characterized by the presence of rich neighborhoods on hilltops, while slums are located in valleys.
Kigali is characterized by a long and dry season due to its tropical climate, but nevertheless it is cooler compared to the cities near the equator, due to its presence in an elevated area, and the city is characterized by two main seasons of rain, where the first season extends from March to May, while The second season runs from October to November.

Kigali City Economy

Kigali grew rapidly after it was chosen as the capital of Rwanda, and it became the economic capital of the country, and economic growth has become evident in the large number of skyscrapers such as the Kigali City Tower for example, and the services sector is the most important and largest economic sector in it, as the city is distinguished by its world-class hotels, however it has Kigali’s economy was negatively affected by the 1994 genocide that swept all countries and paralyzed all economic sectors.

General information about Kigali

There is some general information about the city of Kigali, including the following:

  • Kigali has an area of ​​about 730 km2.
  • Kigali is located at latitude 1.938717-S, and at longitude 30.060604 E.
  • French uses an official language.
  • It passes through the Nyabarongo River.
  • Some of its most famous landmarks are: The Kigali National Museum, the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center, and the Candet House Natural History Museum.
  • Iron ore was excavated near Kigali, and a smelter was built in the 1980s.


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