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Moroni is an African city located in the state of the Comoros Islands, specifically on the major island of the Comoros located in the southwestern corner of the country, in the area overlooking the northern part of the Mozambique Channel, which connects with the Indian Ocean, and it represents the national capital. In addition, it is considered the administrative center, the largest city, and the main port in it.

An overview of the history of Moroni

The founding of the city of Moroni dates back to the tenth century AD, at the hands of the Arabs, as they inhabited it, resided in it, and practiced their activities and work in it. It should be noted that the city of Dzaoudzi was the capital of the country, and the most important city of Mayotte in that period, and it remained on that until the capital moved to the city of Moroni in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight, where it began to develop, prosper, and had a modern infrastructure, with Maintaining her tradition and customs.

Moroni city economy

Moroni is famous for the export of cocoa, vanilla, and coffee, as well as many important industries, such as: the manufacture of wood products, metal, cement, soft drinks, distilled essential oils, and manufactured, in addition to the number of warehouses that contain the number of the warehouse that contains the number of the warehouse And incoming.

The most important landmarks of Moroni

The city of Moroni includes many places, and the wonderful tourist attractions that are important centers to attract visitors, and tourists, and the following is a mention of the most important of these landmarks:

  • Volo Market: It is a lively, active market with many shops dedicated to selling items, traditional handicrafts, and fabulous souvenirs.
  • The volcano’s volcano: It is an active shield shield that represents one of the most important natural monuments in the city, and is very popular with hikers.
  • Badjani Mosque: It is one of the most famous mosques in the city of Moroni, and the oldest among them.
  • Coylacanth Marine Park: It is located on the south shore of the city of Moroni, and it represents a wonderful environment, and picturesque natural marine life.

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