1- Kordon Park:

Among the popular parks in Izmir, there are a number of cafes and restaurants inside the park. There is a large walking path that extends from 5-6 km, starting from Konak pier. The path runs all the way to Alsancak train station. The place enjoys a wonderful view of Sea You can enjoy the fresh sea breeze in the summer while watching a number of the city’s landmarks while running and passing through a number of famous squares in the city.
Address: Kordon, Izmir (Konak Iskelesi to Alsancak Tren Garı)

2- Karşıyaka Waterfront District:

On the other side of the cordon park you will find the Karsiyaka neighborhood literally translating in the meaning of the opposite beach. There is a large path of hostility. You will see a lot of athletes can walk on the waterfront. Suitable for exercising, running, brisk and hiking
Address: Karşıyaka, Izmir (Mavişehir to Karşıyaka İskelesi)

3- Kültürpark District:

Is the appropriate and preferred area for the locals in Izmir located away from the urban fabric away from the chaotic paths There is a walking path and running under the quiet trees and you can run on the beautiful green grass The park includes Ataturk Aska Hava Tatirso With the sound of quiet music.
Address: Kültürpark, Izmir

4- Güzelyalı Waterfront:
From the marine parks in the Guzelyali neighborhood on the Corniche, there are running and walking paths and cycling paths that overlook the place directly over the Aegean Sea. It is also a large center of culture.
Address: Güzelyalı, Izmir (Üçkuyular İskelesi to Sabancı Kültür Merkezi)

5- Inciraltı Kent Ormanı:

One of the places with vast green spaces is the least known landmarks in the city of Izmir, but it is one of the most beautiful and uniquely very quiet park overlooking the sea square You can ride bicycles under the trees or walk and run in the area and exercise at the sound of sea waves near the place You can walk by the beach with Shells near the park The locals call the place the heavenly garden because of the unique charm and meaning of the name Inciraltı Kent Ormanı city park.
Address: Inciraltı Kent Ormanı, Izmir
Izmir is one of the very beautiful tourist destinations that are suitable for the summer. It is characterized by a beautiful and pleasant climate due to the city’s view of the Turkish Aegean Sea, as it is the main port in Turkey, therefore you find a number of maritime piers and markets, it is one of the commercial Turkish cities where there are many markets that offer Turkish handmade products. And the copper next to the homes of hotels and stone hotels and the huge tourist attractions and squares in addition to the huge restaurants that offer delicious Turkish cuisine, the most famous of which is Izmir kebab and delicious Turkish appetizers and Turkish living made with milk and Turkish drinks Its traditional is one of the truly integrated tourism cities.

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