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The State of Kuwait is located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is exactly on the northwestern shores of the Gulf of Arabia. Iraq borders Kuwait on the north and west sides and on the southern side is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and on the eastern side it is bordered by the Gulf of Arabia. Its total population is over three million.

The most prominent places in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers

Kuwait Towers is a recipient of the Aga Khan Award that specializes in architecture, and upon climbing to the top of these towers you can enjoy a full panoramic view (360º) of Kuwait City (the capital), and Kuwait Towers are located in the eastern region and on the shores of the Arabian Gulf.

The Avenues Mall

The Avenues Mall is considered one of the largest malls or what is known as the (Mall), as it is the largest shopping center in the whole Middle East. Many sources of entertainment such as cinema and amusement park.

The Avenues Mall was officially opened in April 2007, in the presence of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait.

Musical fountain

It is originally a garden and contains two hundred and twenty fountains distributed in three huge basins of graduated height, and the musical fountain in Kuwait is the fourth of its kind in the entire world in terms of its size.

Scientific Center

This huge building was built on a waterfront, and this building with its designs reflects the viewer of the culture and art of Islamic architecture, and inside it contains a huge aquariums and an exploration hall and contains a cinema dedicated to documentary films.

Messilah Beach

Beaches abound in Kuwait, but M’sila is the largest beach in Kuwait, and it expands over an area of ​​350 meters, and starts at the end of the Fahaheel Expressway.

Sharq Market

The Sharq market is characterized by its splendor, as it is one of the most wonderful places that visitors love to go to in Kuwait. The Sharq Market is distinguished by its presence inside the sea, surrounded by water from all sides, and it contains games, a cinema hall and restaurants.

Marina Mall

Marina Mall directly overlooks the sea and there is a cinema, restaurants and hotel in it. The Marina Mall is located in a lively area in Salmiya, with which the tourist or anyone can of course rent a boat to take a cruise.

Al-Fanar Complex

The Al Fanar Complex is located in the center of Salmiya and is a relatively quiet complex, in which there are shops of well-known brands, restaurants and cinema.

360 Mall

It is one of the newest malls in Kuwait, and there are well-known international brands, the largest cinema hall in Kuwait and a 3D cinema as well.

The marine island of Failaka

It is the place that everyone looking for calm will go to, and there is a heritage village for privacy seekers, and the village organizes special recreational programs for families, such as competitions for married couples and children’s competitions and gives them the opportunity to ride horses as well, and there is a special cafe for shisha lovers, and those who wish to rent a bicycle can Or land or marine tanks.

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