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The Arab Maghreb is located in the western corner of North Africa, overlooking the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea in the north, and it is covered by a series of Mediterranean Atlas Mountains, the Middle Atlas, and the Atlas Atlas.

The length of the coast of the State of Morocco, and the nature of the extension of mountain ranges, provided it with a unique natural environment, with a moderate climate, and heavy winter rains.

the most important cities

The Maghreb includes many cities that are distinctive tourist destinations for many visitors, as these cities contain important tourist attractions that attract tourists and foreigners to them, and these cities include the following:


Marrakech is one of the important tourist cities in the Arab Maghreb, and a visitor can reach it by train from Casa Station, and enjoy the natural scenery along this road, where high-end hotels, public parks, and natural parks are spread all over the city, and one of the most important tourist areas in Region:

  • The Magu Real Garden, which was founded by an accomplished French man, is surrounded by tourist fronts that are very beautiful and magnificent, organized in such a way that a visitor to the region can not do without a visit.
  • The Archeological Mosque of El-Fna, with its wide courtyard. Popular events will be held in this square permanently, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and popular meetings.
  • Al-Kutbiyya Mosque. This mosque is located in the city center and is famous for selling old books.
  • Ourika Mountains covered with forests and wild plants.
  • Ali bin Al Falah nightclub, which is a club in which it offers events from the old Moroccan folklore.
  • Okemden This city is specialized in the presence of ice rinks.
  • Jinan Saffron Garden, Al Nakheel Village, Worika Waterfalls and Elsayed Museum.


Agadir is a coastal city that the Moroccan government focuses on building a developed tourism sector in the region, and a visitor can reach it after completing its tourism program in Marrakech and heading to Agadir, go to the breaks spread along the road, and eat the tagine cuisine with chicken that characterizes the regions of the Maghreb , And among the most important tourist places in Agadir: the Berber Museum, rest houses, cafes, and restaurants located on the beaches.


Casa is considered the commercial capital of the Arab Maghreb, and it is one of the main tourist cities in Morocco, and there are many high-end hotels, and Mohammed V Airport, and many tourist areas that a visitor can spend three days with, such as: Ain Diab Corniche, the Hassan II Archaeological Mosque, and Bab Marrakesh , The Habbous, and the Bouznika Center, located between Marrakesh and Casa, and the region is best known for its barbecue restaurants, especially seafood.


Rabat is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean near the mouth of the Abu Raqraq River. It is a city surrounded by walls, and there are many hotels, gardens and restaurants around it.

The most important tourist attractions are Bab Al-Ahd Square and Hassan Archaeological Mosque, which is considered an archaeological landmark in the Arab Maghreb. This mosque is adjacent to a park that overlooks the Abi Raqraq River, and the Akdal region is famous for its Moroccan baths. In addition to the valley castle.

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