Ajman is one of the most important areas of tourism in the Emirates, with more than 28 thousand guests arriving monthly from all countries of the world, and it also includes several important tourist attractions such as Ajman Museum and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, in addition to a group of favorite beaches of many.
Ajman enjoys a strategic location on the coast of the Arabian Gulf in the heart of the Emirates, with a breathtaking nature of high mountains and spacious valleys. In addition, it includes multiple places for shopping and entertainment, such as the famous Ajman City Center.
In this short report, we answer you about some important questions that come from distinguished visitors wishing to tourism in Ajman, and from these questions where is Ajman located and how far is it between Dubai and Ajman.

Where is the city of Ajman located?

Best hotels in Ajman

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Best hotels in Ajman

Where is Ajman located on the map:

Ajman is located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf between the emirates of Sharjah and Umm al-Qayoun in the middle of the United Arab Emirates, and the coast of Ajman extends over the Arabian Gulf for more than 26 km.
To better know the exact location of Ajman, you can see the following Google Map:

The most important cities near Ajman:

After we got acquainted with you on the Ajman site closely, we now answer some questions about Ajman’s relationship with important Emirati cities such as the capital, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.

What is the distance between Ajman and Abu Dhabi?

The distance between the UAE capital Abu Dhabi and the emirate of Ajman is about 181 km, according to Google Maps, that is, approximately a two-hour drive by car on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

How far is Ajman from Dubai?

The distance between the two Emirates is about 44 km, and it can be covered in an hour and a half across Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road by renting a car in Dubai to Ajman.

What is the distance between Sharjah and Ajman?

Sharjah is one of the nearest Emirati cities to Ajman, less than 14 km away and can be reached in just a third hour by car.

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