Chicago, on Lake Michigan, Illinois, is among the largest in the United States known for its bold architecture, and has a skyline with many skyscrapers, such as the famous John Hancock Center and Willis Tower.
The city is also famous for its various museums, including the Art Institute of Chicago, which includes the most famous impressionist works, as well as other tourist attractions in Chicago, which are one of America’s most prominent tourist attractions.
And for everyone who wants to visit the city, we present to you our report that we have dedicated to answering your question about where Chicago is located in America specifically, and what distances it separates from the rest of the important tourist cities of America.
Where is Chicago located?

Top hotels in Chicago

The city of Chicago includes many of the best hotels in America, which we collected for you in our comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Chicago .. Read more

Where is Chicago located?

The city of Chicago is located on a total area of ​​about 606 square kilometers in the state of Illinois, on the banks of Southwest Michigan Lake, and enjoys wonderful views of the St. Lawrence Seaway that connects the Mississippi River to the Great North American Lakes region.
You can see the following map to see where Chicago is located, more specifically.

Where is Chicago located between the cities of America?

Chicago is located near several American tourist cities, and in the northern state of Illinois, the city provides all types of transportation to connect them with these cities.
Our article includes some information about the distances between Chicago and some of the most important and famous other tourist cities.

Where is Chicago located in Washington, DC?

Chicago is 1,127 kilometers from Washington, which is equivalent to 10 hours and 34 minutes of driving via the I90 East motorway and from to the I76 motorway.
The time can be shortened to 1 hour and 40 minutes, via a regular flight from O’Hare International Airport to Washington.

The distance between the city of Chicago and Michigan

The city of Michigan is the closest city to Chicago, 94.4 kilometers away, and the distance can be covered within an hour and 3 minutes by car.

Where is Chicago from Detroit?

Detroit is 454 km from Chicago, which equals 4 hours and 7 minutes on the I94 East motorway.
The time and effort can be reduced by taking an independent flight between the two cities, which takes no more than an hour to travel the distance.

What is the distance between the cities of Chicago and Milwaukee?

Chicago is 148 km from Milwaukee, that is 1 hour and 27 minutes of driving via the I94 West motorway.

The distance between Chicago and Dallas

Dallas is 1557 km from Chicago, equivalent to 13 hours and 49 minutes’ drive on the I57 South to I30 West.
The distance can be shortened to two and a quarter hours by flight from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

What is the distance between Chicago and Indiana, the capital of Indiana?

Chicago is 296 km from Indianapolis, and the distance is 2 hours 47 minutes’ drive on the I65 South motorway.
A regular flight between the two cities can also be used to shorten the time to just 50 minutes.

Where is Chicago located from New York City?

New York is 1270 km from Chicago, which is 11 hours and 53 minutes’ drive via the I90 East motorway towards the I80 East.
It is also possible to shorten the time and travel within two hours of flying, through flights scheduled between the two cities.

Where is Chicago from Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is 1220 km from Chicago, which is 11 hours and 10 minutes via the I90 East to I76 drive.
There are periodically scheduled flights between the two cities, and travel times can be shortened to only an hour and 45 minutes.

It is worth noting the importance of Chicago among the cities of the United States, because of its skyscrapers and distinctive design galleries.
Not to mention, it is a coastal city that has many wonderful beaches, and includes many parks, gardens, and unique tourist attractions .. Read more

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