Irbid is a tourism city that is considered one of the most important tourism cities in Jordan, enjoying its fertile plains and the beauty of nature. .
During the next article, we will know in detail about where Irbid is located and the distances between it and the most important cities in Jordan. If you think of tourism in Irbid and enjoy its attractions, learn about its location in detail through the following article.

Best hotels in Irbid

In addition to the historical and historical monuments, Irbid includes a large group of the best hotels in Jordan, with its wonderful hotel services and charming views, in addition to its inexpensive prices. You can also learn more offers and prices through this link .. Read more

Where is Irbid located?

Irbid is located in the northern side of the city of Jordan, 71 km north of Amman, and the Syrian border is 20 km away, and its area is estimated at about 30 km, overlooking the Golan Heights from the north, and extends from the southern side in the Mazar region in the north on the charming high mountains of Ajloun .

The most important cities near Irbid

Irbid is surrounded by many cities that are an important tourist destination in Jordan and attractive to tourists, as it attracts nearly thousands every year because of its archaeological sites, its great location and its attractive climate. We will know together how far Irbid is from Amman and other cities, and how to reach it.

The distance between Amman and Irbid

The distance from Amman to Irbid is about 91.6 km, via Jordan Street and Route 35, meaning you can reach it within an hour and 39 minutes by car.

Where is Irbid from Aqaba

The distance between Aqaba and Jordan is 411 km, so your private cars can be reached and accessed via Track 15 in just five hours and 19 minutes.

Where is Irbid located from Karak?

The distance between the city of Irbid and Karak is estimated at a distance of 209 km, while you can reach it within 3 hours and 10 minutes by taking your own car on Track 15 and Track 35.

The distance between Irbid and Qweismeh

You can reach Irbid via Route 35 by taking your car in approximately 1 hour and 46 minutes. The distance is estimated at 96.5 km.

Where is Irbid located from Umm Qais?

The distance between them is estimated at about 27.3 km, i.e. forty-two minutes using the car via Attia Bani Hani Street, and it is the fastest route. You can also reach through Route 10 in just 44 minutes.

The distance between Irbid and Ajloun

The distance between the city of Irbid and Ajloun is 32.6 km, while you can reach it by car in just 54 minutes.

Where is Irbid located from will

The distance between the city of Irbid and it will be 32.6 km, and it can be reached within 56 minutes by car via the fastest lane 55.

After we got to know where Irbid is one of the most important tourist countries in Jordan, if you want to know a lot about tourism in Irbid and to know the most important tourist and historical landmarks that the city embraces, you should just visit the following link .. Read more

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Where is Irbid located and the distance between it and the most important cities in Jordan

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