Where is Mauritius located and how to travel to Mauritius

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The Mauritius Islands enjoy an unparalleled nature, with its wonderful waterfalls, charming gardens, stunning colorful reefs, especially its white sandy beaches that made it a destination for relaxing lovers to spend the most beautiful holidays in the embrace of nature, as well as the tourist attractions in Mauritius that smelt history.
If you are planning to travel to the Mauritius Islands for a fun vacation in the charming nature, you must first know Mauritius where it is located and the distances between it and the neighboring Indian Ocean islands.
In the next report, the answer to what is on your mind about the island of Mauritius is where and the available means of transportation, according to Google Maps estimates.

Where is Mauritius located and how to travel to Mauritius - Where is Mauritius located and how to travel to Mauritius

Best Mauritius hotels

Before delving into the details of where the Republic of Mauritius is located, you should know the type of accommodation that suits you, as the hotels in the Mauritius Islands vary to suit different budgets, and it is characterized by a great location near the most prominent tourist attractions and stunning views of the city, and the accommodations also provide well-equipped rooms and suites for the convenience of the guests, And to provide the best services, and below we will display details of a package of the best hotels in Mauritius, according to the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

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Where is Mauritius located and how to travel to Mauritius islands

Before answering the Mauritius Islands, where you are located by knowing how to travel to it, you must bring the requirements for the visa such as any country, such as a valid passport and others, where there are many Arab countries whose citizens must obtain the visa such as Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, as well as There are some other Arab countries that citizens can attend without a visa are: Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, provided that the residence period is only 90 days.

Where is the city of Mauritius located?

In the following lines, we will get to know where the country of Mauritius is located, it is one of the small islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 860 km from Malagash and 2000 km from the southeast coast of the African continent, from the east it is 560 km from Rodrigues and the St. Brandon Archipelago.
After we finished where Mauritius is, we will know next how the island of Mauritius is located on the map exactly.

Where is Port Louis from Grand Bay

The distance from Port Louis to Grand Baie in Palau is 26.3 km, approximately 31 minutes, by driving along the route shown on the attached map.

Where is Mocha located from Bel Ombre?

The distance in kilometers between Moka and Bel Ombre is calculated at approximately 45.8 km, which is equivalent to about 58 minutes travel. By using the car, you can use the map below.

Where is Curibib from Pampos located

Curepipe is about 18.7 km from Pampos, which is about 30 minutes’ drive by car via the fastest route shown on the map.

Where is Tombo of Grand Bay located?

The distance from Tombor to Grand Bay is approximately 20.9 km, which is approximately 31 minutes, by car via the path shown in the map attached below.

Where is Grand Bay located in Moka?

The distance from Grand Baie to Moka is approximately 39.5 km, according to Google Maps, which is approximately 45 minutes, by driving through the fastest route shown on the attached map.

Where is Pampus from Port Louis

Pampos is approximately 18.8 km from Port Louis, which is equivalent to 32 minutes of travel using your own car. You can view the attached map to see more available routes.

Bill Ombre from Curepipe

The distance from Bel Ombre to Curepipe is approximately 31.9 km, i.e. forty-eight minutes traveling with your own car along the path shown to you on the attached map.

After we have finished the detailed presentation on the city of Mauritius, where it is located and the distances between each city to another, you only have to roam between its beaches and gardens and visit its tourist attractions in a comfortable way. More

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