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Glasgow is located in Scotland in the United Kingdom, at latitude 55.87 and longitude 4.26 – and at an altitude of 40 meters above sea level, the city has a population of approximately 610.268 people which makes it the largest city in Scotland. The River Clyde is in the middle western lowlands of Scotland, and it is the third largest city in terms of population in the United Kingdom. This city has been known as the second city of the British Empire and for a long period of Victorian and Edwardian period. And home to For many of the leading companies, in addition to that it welcomes more than three million tourists from all over the world every year.

Climate of Glasgow

This city is located on the banks of the River Clyde, 32 kilometers from the entrance to this river on the west coast or the Atlantic Ocean. The city council area is an independent region located entirely within the historic Larnachshire County. February is cold and cloudy, while the spring months extend from March to May are considered moderate and enjoyable, and the summer extends from June to August, and the days differ from cold to wet and very warm in the long sun days, in addition to that July is the warmest month The average temperature is h To 19 ° C.

Tourist attractions in Glasgow

There are many areas and landmarks that attract tourists in the city of Glasgow, the most important of which are:

  • People’s Palace and Winter Gardens: This museum is a historical and socially important, as it embraces the history of the city and the people who lived there.
  • Contemporary Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA): This center is a site of contemporary arts in Scotland, and tourists can enjoy watching many arts, movies, workshops and musical performances for different artists in this center.
  • Modern Art Gallery: This gallery is located in the heart of Glasgow and hosts cultural programs by local and international artists.
  • St. Museum Mungo: This museum is an award-winning center for religious and artistic life and reveals much about the religion and culture of the Scottish people.
  • Burrell Museum: This museum is located in the center of Pollok Country Park and contains an amazing collection of forest art.

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