The German city of Cologne or as Cologne is famous is one of the most important cities in Germany, with a population of approximately 1.034.175 people, and thus it is the fourth largest German city after Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, enjoying its annexation of the most important tourist attractions in Germany such as Cologne Cathedral and is a symbol of its popularity Worldwide, it also hosts a large number of television and radio stations, which are an important tourist attraction for many tourists to enjoy the most beautiful tourist attractions in Cologne.
In the following lines, we will help you to find out where is the colon? And how far is it from the most important tourist cities in Germany, to spend a fun time between the charming nature and the splendor of history.

Where is the colon?

Best Cologne hotels

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Where is Cologne located

Where is the colon?

The German Cologne or Clunya is located on the River Rhine, and is centrally located between the cities of Düsseldorf and Bonn. Centrally, it is located in the heart of Europe.

The distance between it and Cologne and the most important cities of Germany

Your visit to Cologne, the city of dreams, does not prevent you from visiting the rest of Germany, which is rich in historical attractions and famous tourist attractions, know the distance between Cologne and the most important tourist cities in Germany.

Where is the Cologne from Frankfurt

The distance between Cologne and Frankfurt is 190 kilometers by car. The distance can be reached within 1 hour and 53 minutes.

Where is the Cologne from Hamburg

The distance between the two cities was calculated through a Google map and was estimated at a distance of 424 km, that is, if you want to travel using the car, it will arrive in a time of four hours and 17 minutes.

How far is the distance between Cologne and Heidelberg

The distance between the city of Cologne and Heidelberg is calculated and estimated at approximately 2 hours 19 minutes. The distance was calculated via a Google map in kilometers, approximately 251 km.

Where is Colin located on Weimar

Weimar is one of the nearby and most important cities of Cologne, about 385 km away, meaning that you can travel by car within three hours and 39 minutes, via the path shown below on the map.

Where is the Cologne and Dusseldorf?

Google has monitored the distance between the city very close to Cologne by approximately 39.5 km, and can also be reached by using the car and will arrive in less than an hour only, as shown in its map.

Where is Cologne located from Dresden?

When you think about traveling to Cologne with your car, you will arrive in a time of five hours 16 minutes, and the distance can be measured in kilometers and estimated at 572 km.

How far is Cologne from Wiesbaden?

The distance between the two cities is estimated at 161 km. You can travel that distance by car in only an hour and 39 minutes, by the fastest route such as what is shown on the map.

Where is the colon of Aachen

The city of Aachen is one of the nearby and important cities in Germany, and it is 86.3 kilometers away from Cologne, meaning that you can reach it within about an hour by taking a car.

The city of Cologne, with its Romen civilization and history, attracts many tourists to enjoy its civilization and its effects. If you want to know more about the city of Cologne, you should read the following article .. Read more

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