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The Maldives is a group of islands located in the Asian continent, specifically in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is made up of approximately 1,000 small islands, forming together a chain with a length of 764 km, while the northern part of the Maldives is extended to 600 km towards the southern side of India, and the city of Male is the official and national capital of the state, while the system of government in the Maldives is republican, as it is known Officially in the name of the Republic of Maldives, the President is elected by relying on general elections for a period of five years, in addition to the Prime Minister who helps him to follow up the administration of all state affairs, and there is a Legislative Council that supervises the local governance of each island in the Maldives, and the President of the The Republic of the President of the Judicial Authority in order to follow up the implementation of the special legal texts in the country.

Geography and Climate

The total geographical area of ​​the Maldives reaches 298 km², and the land area constitutes 1% of the total geographical area, which is a flat plain and free from highlands and plateaus, and the average height does not exceed 2 m above sea level, and some researchers believe that the Maldives is threatened by disappearance and underwater sinking Due to changes affecting its general climate.

The climate in the Maldives is considered tropical, and it is affected by the monsoon, which is blown twice during the year. It blows in the first time from the southwestern side and is accompanied by rain. It extends in the time period between April to November. It comes from the northeastern side and its winds are considered dry, and it starts at the end of November and remains until the end of March, and during this period of time the weather is volatile, as the rains fall heavily after clouds gather, and then the sun rises again.
The general weather is relatively moderate in the Maldives, with the minimum temperature reaching approximately 24.4 ° C, and the maximum reaching approximately 30.4 ° C, and the average daily temperature reaching 27.4 ° C, or quantitative Rainfall will be minimal from the north to the southern side, as precipitation falls in the northern Maldives at a rate of 3500 mm, while the average precipitation in the southern Maldives is around 2500 mm annually, and rain water forms a group of small lakes, and is characterized by its clear and drinking water. The beaches of the Maldives are made up of white sand and its lands are covered with plants, herbs and trees, including coconut and tropical fruits.


The population of the Maldives amounts to 392,960 people in 2016, and the population density in the country forms many ethnic groups, the most important of which are the South Indians, Sinhalese and the Arabs. The Dhivehi language is considered the official language in the Maldives, and it is a language derived from Sinhalese. As for the method of writing its texts, it is derived from the Arabic language, and the English language is used in government works. Islam is the official religion in the Maldives, and the rate of government spending on education, according to statistics in 2015, amounts to 5.7% of the gross domestic product.


The economy sector in the Maldives is considered one of the developing economic sectors, as it is classified among the poor countries globally, and its economy depends on tourism, fishing and boat building, and private income in individuals is considered one of the lowest rates in the world, and most of the population depends on obtaining their daily needs from food on fishing , Coconuts, and the cultivation of tropical fruits and vegetables, as agricultural land is one of the geographical regions scattered throughout the Maldives.
The Maldivian economy depends on obtaining its financial revenues on the export of fish as an important product, and it is sold to foreign companies as an economic export. As for maritime navigation in the Maldives, it depends on the industries within the field of trade and tourism as one of the most developed and growing economic fields, as the Maldives visits numbers A large number of tourists, especially during the winter months, as the economy depends on the handicraft sector, and includes the manufacture of simple works or building boats, and India, Singapore and Sri Lanka are among the countries that buy Maldives as with business relations.


The Maldives was in the past belonging to Sri Lanka, and in 1153 AD Islam arrived in the Maldives, which led to the Islam of its ruler and all the people of the people, and in 1343 AD the traveler Ibn Battuta arrived on the island and worked as a judge there, and the Maldives was not very known to people until the Portuguese occuAl Bahahn reached in the century Sixteenth birthday.
In the time period between the years 1656 AD – 1796 CE, the Maldives became subject to Dutch rule, because the Dutch forces had occupied Sri Lanka, and in 1887 AD the Maldives officially became one of the British protectorates, and it obtained its own autonomy in exchange for Britain managing its foreign affairs. During the fifties of the twentieth century AD, differences occurred between Britain and the Maldives due to the British air force base located on the island of Gan, which led to the separation of three islands belonging to the Maldives on its southern side. To rebel once and for all.
In 1960, the Maldives signed an agreement with Britain that allowed the British forces to obtain freedom of air control in exchange for giving the Maldivian government the authority to manage most foreign affairs. The British government also promised to support economic development in the Maldives by providing a financial grant of two million dollars, and on July 26 (July) In 1965, Britain and the Maldives signed the Independence Agreement, which stipulated that the Maldives obtain full and official independence from Britain. In 1968, the establishment of the Republic of the Maldives was officially announced.

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