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There is a good stone in the British Museum in the city of London, and it is mentioned in the story of this stone that it was found near the city of Rosita; the city of Rashid, which is located 56 km in the northeastern side of the Alexandria Governorate in Egypt, and Rosetta is located on the west bank of the Nile.

Good stone

Hajar Al-Rasheed is a slab of stone, which carries inscriptions of Greek letters, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and demotic symbols, and was considered as a key to decipher the symbols of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, in other words, the Rasheed stone is ancient Egyptian inscriptions, and these inscriptions are written in a number of languages ​​and texts, and it is one of the Black granite type stone, of regular shape, up to 114 cm long and 72 cm wide.

Stone specifications

Hajar Al-Rasheed is a commemorative symbol for the memory of the coronation of Ptolemy the Fifth, who ruled from 205-190 BC, and in his text he pledges piety and declares his love for the Egyptians and gratitude for his tradition of office and his accomplishments that he presented to Egypt, and it should be mentioned that Jean-Francois Champollion deciphered the hieroglyphic writing on Hajar Rashid, And that in 1822 AD, and this led to clarification of a number of matters related to ancient Egyptian civilization, and Hajar Al-Rasheed was considered a kind of mysterious coding, which solved a number of puzzles when it was decoded.

The discovery of the Rosetta Stone

Napoleon’s army discovered Hajar al-Rashid in 1799 AD, but they ceded it to the British who defeated the French at the Battle of the Nile, and the leader of Britain in that battle was Admiral Nelson. In 1801 AD, the French residing in Alexandria surrendered to the British, and they handed over all the archaeological pieces that they found, and Hajar al-Rashid, And a sarcophagus was one of the most important of those antiquities that were handed over, and in 1802 AD, the Rashid Stone was placed in the British Museum.

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