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The city of Mashhad is known as the largest city in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and it is considered the greatest among the cities of Khorasan, which was previously known as Tous. The days of Caliph Othman bin Affan were opened, so the archaeological monuments and also the shrines and shrines were abundant, and Mashhad was named as the scene of Imam Ali bin Musa al-Rida and in it Restroom.

The city of Mashhad is rich in archaeological and historical monuments, which constitute an attraction for tourism in the country, and therefore a visitor to this city may not suffice for several days to see these beautiful and important places, which make him spend the best and most enriching times.

The oldest shop in Mashhad

A visitor to the city of Mashhad must visit its old shops, which tell about the history of the city, such as the camp of Nouqan, which is located on the northern side of the sanctuary, as well as the upper Khayban area which is on the western side, and the lower Khayban area which is on the eastern side, and there is also the Eid camp Kah located on the southern side, and we find the place of Sarshor located on the southwestern side, there is also a mirage, which is located in the center between the upper place of Khayban and the place of Sarshor, and there is also the Siahan district, and the area of ​​Meroia, in addition to the place of Jahar Bagh, and many others.

Graves and tombs in Mashhad

Most of the visitors who visit the city of Mashhad, their visit is religious in addition to being a tourist, and they must visit the graves of the righteous, where we find a shrine for Imam Ali bin Musa al-Rida, and also we find a shrine for Imam Zadeh Yahya bin Zaid bin Ali bin Al-Hussein, and there is a shrine for the children of Imam Musa Al-Kazim, who is Imam Zadeh, Sayyid Nasser and Yasser, in addition to several shrines, such as the pilgrims’ shrines of Al-Khawaja Rabie bin Khaythem Al-Asadi Al-Kufi and Al-Khawaja Abu Salat Al-Herawi, who is known as the servant of Imam Reza.

There are many tombs that are visited, such as the tomb of the owner of Al-Bayan Complex, Sheikh Al-Fadl Bin Al-Hassan Al-Tabarsi, and also the tomb of the Sheikh of the Baha’i Sheikh Bahaa Al-Din Muhammad bin Hussein bin Abdul-Samad Al-Amili. By killing them and counting hundreds, there is the tomb of Shahzadeh Muhammad, and the tomb of Perbalandos, and we also find many tombs of ancient kings such as the Safavid Shah Tahmasp and also Nader Shah in addition to Harun al-Rashid.

Famous libraries in Mashhad

There are quite a number of libraries in this city that are mostly heritage-based and well-known for their old style, where we find the Astan Quds Razavi Central Library known as the Razavi Library, so often everyone who visits Mashhad visits it because it contains the most important and rare ancient manuscripts, in addition to the Library of Representatives Safavi, as we find the Hawza Scientific Library, in addition to a Mahdia Library, and there is a library for children’s books, which is the library of intellectual education for children and youth.

Old schools in Mashhad

There are several schools in Mashhad that are visited by everyone who visits this city, because of their historical and religious importance in the region, where we find the Mirza Jaafar School, and also a counselor school, and there is Fadhil Khan School, and we find Khairat Hassan School, and also we find a school without a secret, and the Bahzadiya School And do not forget the school of Sheikh Muhammad Saduqi Al-Yazdi, as well as Amir al-Muamni School, and many other old schools.

Modern neighborhoods in Mashhad

Modern neighborhoods in the city of Mashhad are very attractive to visitors to the country, where they are characterized by a beautiful style, in addition to its charm and the enjoyment of shopping in it, such as the neighborhood of Sajjadshahr, and also the neighborhood of Wakilabad, and there is the district of Reza Shahr. And Sakhtaman, as it is necessary to visit the distinctive streets in it, such as Imam Reza Street, as well as the Ayatollah Al-Shirazi Street, and there is Dr. Ali Shariati Street, and the Shaheed Ashrafi Esfahani Street.

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