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Munich, Germany, located in the heart of the European capital, is known as one of the cities of wonder in the world, because of its palaces, galleries and museums in various parts of it, it is a city rich in its treasures, and its magic is not hidden, and a visitor to the state of Germany, specifically the city of Munich, must visit several Distinguished places, so that his visit would have indescribable taste.

Landmarks of Munich

Here is a list of the most important monuments in Munich:

  • Museums: Munich has many museums, which are close to 100, in addition to art galleries, and therefore it is considered the most cultural city in the world. The Grand Residence is considered the most important museum in terms of interior design in Europe, and was opened in 1385 AD, and during these years it was exposed to works There is a large expansion in it, and today it includes among its treasury sides, the German Museum, the National Museum of Bavaria, as well as the Munich City Museum, in addition to the Museum of Art Paintings, the new museum, as well as the House of Art, and the BMW Museum.
  • Maryam Square: And its location in the city center of Munich, and its name is attributed to the Mariam column in the city center, and contains in its tower what is known as the Heritage, Glukenspiel, and the square includes three old columns dating back to the period of the Middle Ages, where there is in the eastern part of the Asartor, and in the southern section of the Cinderella Tor, and in the southern section The western part includes the karstor, in addition to the famous fountain.
  • Shortcomings: This city includes many palaces, which were mostly converted into theaters or museums, where we find the Cavelius Theater, the Porsche Palace, the Priesting Palace, in addition to the Holstein Castle, the Prince Carl Palace, and the Nymphenburg Palace which was previously the official residence of the ruler.
  • The boulevards: Where we find it a city rich in boulevards, in which each avenue was built in a certain style, as Brienz Avenue takes the classic modern style, and Ludwig Avenue is influenced by the italyn art of romantic architecture, and there is also Maximilian Avenue that takes the Gothic form in the new architecture, while the Prentzigenn Avenue, it takes a classic old look It turned into a museum.
  • Theaters: It is imperative to visit the Prince’s Theater which is known as Prince Regent, as well as the Bavarian Opera House, the State Theater located in Gertner Square, as well as the German Theater.

Religious monuments

There are many religious monuments in Munich, including:

  • Churches: This city includes more than three hundred churches, and was built in all architectural and artistic styles, where we find the most famous St. Peter’s Church, which is not far from Mary’s Square, and is considered the oldest church in the city, in addition to the Munich Cathedral building known as the Frauenkirch building, and there is St. Michael’s Church, And the Church of the Thinnerkirch, and also Bergerkerkirch, and Drefaltget, as well as the Church of St. Anna M. Lehel, as well as the church that mediates the city and is a church of the Cathedral of Our Lady

Munich is a city rich in the full sense of the word. In addition to everything mentioned, there are many markets that open day and night, and are filled with restaurants, cafes, and disco, in addition to special places for children’s games.

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