The Turkish countryside is one of the most beautiful tourist places that attract millions of tourists around the world, especially as it includes a number of picturesque villages scattered throughout Anatolia and southern and central Turkey, characterized by natural beauty that combines the beauty of the sea view and the creative mountain nature beside the old Ottoman stone houses that make the villages Turkish kiss for all photographers in the world.

Among the most famous and most beautiful Turkish villages, the village of Birgi is the kiss of a large number of tourists who love beauty. The village of Birgi is located in the state of Odemish ödemiş between the hills of the Bozdağları Mountains. Covered with a layer of red tiles and wooden doors and windows It is distinctive that the village has a long history with human civilizations, as it has been through a long history with the Persians, Romens and Byzantines, and its administrative capital was as old as Aidenoglu founded by Mehmet Bey in the fourteenth century A.D. M 1308 m.

The Heritage Village is 110 km away from the city of Izmir, and it is one of the remaining historical villages from the previous ages. It dates back more than 2000 years before the birth of Christ, peace be upon him. It is distinguished that the village lives in it only 3000 people. The name of the state changed to Bergi during the reign of Turkmen leader Muhammad Bey After the security was restored, and the village witnessed the almost 100-year-long endowment.

The village is one of the most beautiful and most prosperous villages belonging to the Aegean region, it was one of the religious, cultural and scientific centers during the Ottoman era and began attracting immigrants to it since 1600 AD and was founded by the first municipality in Turkey in 1889 AD The village has a number of features of the past era there is a statue of Muhammad Bey Ghazi Lamour and the village still maintains the same traditional style narrow streets and ancient palaces along with archaeological mosques such as the Shaker Agha Palace the most beautiful palaces in the village and the palace of the Sandalagh Ozlab which is characterized by skillful architectural design and dazzling stitching, next to the Oulu mosque or a mosque that was built in the village in 1312 and still maintains the same Architectural sloop character Amari Ottoman all the mosques of the old Ottoman-style wooden doors installed without screws from the characteristic that Lake Goljok picturesque away from the village, a distance of 20 kilometers freeze the village in the winter and the ice melts the beginning of spring and receives tourists village in the summer beautiful Bhltha.
There are a number of traditional restaurants in the village that offer traditional Ottoman cuisine to tourists, especially restaurants that overlook the picturesque Golgok Lake, which serves distinctive fish meals and luxury Ottoman fish meal.

If you are a fan of the unique nature and seeing the ancient trees among the old stone buildings, if you are a fan of photography arts, you cannot miss going to this picturesque village and photographing every corner in which its buildings, monuments, palaces and mosques are located. If you visit Izmir, it is a good opportunity to spend a day in this village. It is only 110 km away from Izmir and can be reached by public transport within an hour

The Odemish neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods or states of Izmir in the southeast of Izmir, for a region of great historical and cultural significance that is evident in its archaeological features. A number of monuments have been included in the list of the World Humanitarian Heritage of UNESCO since 1994 ..

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