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If you have a short time searching for an apartment, then the apps are at your fingertips. Zillow allows you to browse menus at any time whether you are standing in line at the store or watching TV in the evening.
“Today people expect to reach their destination with the touch of a button, and find their next home easily and conveniently,” says Jeremy Waxman, president of Zillow. “The tenants have told us that they want the entire rental process to be done online, which is why we wanted to complete this request, get a credit check, and apply for and pay the rent for the apartment. All through our app.

Facilities provided by the Zumper app

With the increasing demand for real estate listing information in real time, rental apps are racing to find better services that make life easier for tenants.
For example, Zumper allows potential tenants to obtain a credit report and their personal details before touring the apartments, making it easier to send a rental request immediately through a safe and efficient system.
Zumper Anthemos Georgiades CEO says the app helps tenants take the next step toward signing a rental contract, starting with the initial search steps and taking them on a tour of the rental listings and ending the lease. “Our job is to make renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel.”

Some of the most popular rental applications in America

Trulia Rentals

An application dedicated to the phones (Apple) and (Android) and helps to simplify queries through the one-click feature, which makes the tenants interested in direct contact with the property manager, without having to fill out an inquiry form for every apartment they are interested in or without searching for a phone number.

An app dedicated to Apple and Android phones, based on the tenants ’favorite map, with an emphasis on including details of amenities offered by residential communities and the fees that tenants can expect.
With tours and 3D images, you can see the apartment before visiting the property.

Application intended for Apple and Android phones, it allows rental for users to browse by map or image and provides driving directions to check apartments in person.
The app can also alert you when apartments that meet your criteria are available. With one click, you can call the rental agent and start your conversation.

Apartment Finder

The application is intended for Apple and Android phones and provides its services to new and budget-conscious tenants. The app offers filters that help apartment renters in finding the best deal based on their budget, including properties that accept housing and short-term housing vouchers and whether the facilities are also included in the rental or not.


The application is intended for Apple and Android phones, and is famous for its apartment listings in major cities in America, and it offers listings for rent from all over the country.
Features include neighborhood details, such as nearby schools and walking areas, to help you feel the area around the apartment you are considering.
You can check the “hot” menus that get a lot of attention from other application users.

Apartment Guide

App dedicated to Apple and Android phones and provides high-resolution images and floor plans for a deeper look at the available spaces.
The app allows you to save listings and send interesting lists to your friends for a second opinion.

( application allows you to find available visit times to see the apartments closely and book a tour of the apartments you are interested in. You can narrow your search based on ratings from accredited residents, which are obtained by

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