Maldives For many it is considered the best tourist destination to relax and move to an unparalleled natural aesthetic. These wonderful islands do not need a lot of explanation to discover their magnificence, as they enjoy wide international fame, but today we will discover 10 basic tips that you should learn before embarking on the journey of dreams towards the moldive Islands.

Extra expenses

You should know that in the Maldives additional expenses may be very expensive, as all drinks and food are imported from abroad to the capital, then money to water resorts where for example, the prices of resorts 3 or 4 stars may reach the prices of resorts more than 5 stars in other places. Two taxes are added in each resort: 10% for hotel service and 8% for services.

What are comprehensive services?

All-inclusive resorts are very popular in recent years. But what are these really comprehensive services or the concept of all inclusive? You should know that these services are not the same in quality and quantity in all Maldives resorts. Ask the following questions to the resort you like: Is coffee or other light drinks for example, covered with these services? Are there special offerings for children? As for food, are all resort restaurants covered by services? And others …

Electronic contact .. confirm beforehand

The Maldives is ideal for those who want to give up their daily routine and live the experience of a trip without an electronic connection, but sometimes tourists have to get online for many reasons, even during their trip. Here you must ask in advance about internet connection services at the selected resort, as some of these resorts offer this service for free, and you have to pay for it. You should know that in some resorts, the price of obtaining an Internet hour is 10 dollars, and even all Internet packages are very expensive. Make sure that you want peace of mind that “Wi-Fi” is available throughout the resort, even in the rooms.

Basics about marine sports

Many agree that visiting the Maldives is mainly a matter of snorkelling and snorkeling. So you should know the following information if you are a fan of these sports:

– A number of rare fish in some resorts that you can see if you swim a short distance from your beach. In this case, your ability to speed in swimming makes a difference, as you may encounter at sea what you do not expect!

– On the other hand, your choice of a resort may lead to a site being snorkeling far and in need of prior reservation. Check this information with your resort.

Avoid surprises …

A good tip is not just for the Maldives, but for many destinations. In the event that your travel budget is not open, be sure to pay your bill in the middle of the trip, for example, so as not to be surprised by a high bill from the resort before its end. You will know your expenses and how much money you have for the rest of your trip.

Private villa

If you want to book your own villa in the Maldives, you must verify this information:

– I already know its location in relation to the beach.

Avoid being close to the airport, generators, and restaurants.

– Know the best part of the beach and if you want to dive, search for coral reef sites.

– If you want privacy, ask about a private villa hidden. There is a villa of this type in many islands.

Resorts and timing

An important piece of information you should be aware of is that each resort is located on a separate island. This is the unique aesthetic of the Maldives, but you have to know the following:

– The date of your flight might force your first night in the capital or at the airport resort because transportation is not available late at night.

– You must book your flight dates before a long time, including your departure time, especially since the last transfer date is six in the evening, so if your flight is late at the airport, it must be long hours before you can travel.

Navigate the boat

Be aware that boat transfers may take longer than scheduled if the weather is not good. If the water is not completely clear, the time of movement may be double and you will not feel very comfortable. Choosing a resort with a seaplane to travel around from the Capital Airport may be a better choice.

Flight delays

Often, there are delays in the arrival times for the airport in order to take your flight on the way home because you have to go through two or three resorts before arriving at the airport because of the transportation policy. There may be a delay of two hours or more. So, to avoid problems, ask about the airline’s travel policies and late flight insurance so you don’t waste your money.


Finally, regarding the weather and to avoid any disappointments, you should know that the weather pattern in the Maldives is not as simple as you see it often. The dry season can sometimes carry some rain with sagging in the sky! The climate may differ a lot from one beach area to another on land that covers an area of ​​850 km from north to south.

This is the perfect trip to the Maldives
This is the perfect trip to the Maldives

Essential shouting before visiting the Maldives

Essential shouting before visiting the Maldives

Check the resort or villa location in the Maldives
Check the resort or villa location in the Maldives

Weather may not always be suitable in Maldives
Weather may not always be suitable in Maldives

Ask for all the details before booking in the Maldives
Ask for all the details before booking in the Maldives

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