The patterns of trips to Johannesburg are multi-beneficial and natural tourism, given that they are the largest cities in South Africa and one of the honorable African destinations, in addition to being one of the fifty largest modern cities in the world, in addition to having many tourist attractions, and it is a leading commercial center in gold trade With diamonds, tourism in Johannesburg has become the perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation.
Before taking a trip to Johannesburg, get to know us about the most important tourist attractions in it, by reading the following lines, which will serve as a guide for you to get to know Johannesburg in pictures

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Best hotels in Johannesburg

The international fame enjoyed by tourism in Johannesburg with its commercial fame allowed the city to own many international and local luxury hotels, all of which won the acceptance and satisfaction of its visitors.
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Leon Park

It is one of the most famous and largest tourist destinations in Johannesburg, with an area of ​​more than 500 acres, thus becoming an open forest that provides visitors with opportunities to hike and see various types of animals, including predators, especially since it includes about 80 rare species of lions, and then is visited A real, realistic journey into one of the most beautiful forests of Earth.

Apartheid Museum

One of the most important landmarks of Johannesburg is tourism, so visitors come to it and crowd it with their excessive admiration for its contents and holdings of films, photographs and artifacts expressing the history of apartheid in South Africa, including secrets and aches. The museum was established in the year 2001 AD based on donation funds without targeting profit.

Nelson Mandela Square

It is considered one of the main attractions in promoting Johannesburg in pictures. It was previously known as Sandus Square, then it was attributed to the inspiring international leader, “Nelson Mandela”, where he put in the square a statue of his life size. Many restaurants, cafes, gift shops and souvenirs are on its flanks.

Gold Reef City Park

It is usually placed on top of the programs of trips in Johannesburg, recreational tourism, especially in the presence of children, thanks to its vast green spaces, the multiplicity of walking, relaxing and sitting paths, practicing various activities such as horse riding and exploring the underground in the ancient gold mine located in the middle of the park, and the availability of a variety of Exciting fun games.

Cultural Village of Lyzidi

It represents an embodied spirit of South African cultural and social life with all its components of traditions, customs and traditions, as it is a village where there are numerous huts decorated with simple African brushes, allowing a complete coexistence of the life of the tribes there.


The park includes more than 2000 species of animals, and an area of ​​about 140 acres interspersed with many green spaces, this biological diversity enhances the opportunities to enjoy watching the natural life of animals such as hippopotamus, antelope, tigers, monkeys, reptiles, chimpanzees, gorillas and zebras.

Heritage Museum

Constitution Hill Human Rights Precinct is particularly well-known in all Johannesburg tourism programs, because it is one of the witnesses to many historical and horrific events in the history of the country, as it was then a prison for the symbols of the struggle against racial discrimination, as well as its mediation with a group of other distinguished museums such as the Museum of Gul Women’s Museum, Number Four Museum, and Old Fort Museum.

Crock City Crockdale Park

It is an attractive tourist attraction for thousands of visitors every year, because the park provides a enjoyable family picnic for adults and children, in addition to opportunities to enjoy seeing crocodiles up close and discover accurate details about their lives.

Monte Casino

It is an integrated entertainment city, spanning a large area and occupying a privileged location in the Sandton area, opened in the year 2000 AD, and welcomes thousands of visitors every day due to its wide reputation in Johannesburg.

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