Tourism has many addresses that you see in many international cities scattered here and there on all continents, and you find many names present in tourism programs that are the most beautiful of their kind. For example, tourism in Greece is a lifetime journey for many newlyweds and they really seek to be their destination for honeymoon there.
While some see that Paris, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey and other European and Asian countries and cities, even those of Africa, are unparalleled destinations to enjoy the beauty of the beautiful nature and the atmosphere of the sea and the adventures in it.
Georgia is a country that is charming by nature, its rivers, its wells, and its traces dating back to the oldest historical civilizations. It is one of those countries that are rich in attractive tourism resources, and although it is a small country, it receives large numbers of tourists from different nationalities annually, where you find the highest mountainous peaks covered With ice in the winter, along with the archaeological caves sunken in the arms of its steep mountains, those ancient cities and the amazing shores of the Black Sea.
The following is a list of the 10 best tourist places that every tourist who wishes to visit this small country, big and great in nature, must go to, for tourism in Georgia means visiting the following places:

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Ximenda Samiba Cathedral

It is a symbol of Georgia’s religious revival, with its abundant architectural style art in its various traditional forms in terms of concrete, brick, marble and granite found there, which were selected with clear and impressive care, as they include 9 small churches centered at the bottom.

Narikala Fortress

One of the most important archaeological sites in Georgia, it is located on a hill overlooking the city and on the Mtkfari River, so tourists can enjoy a breathtaking view, not the most wonderful.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

It is itself a historic city located near the Georgian capital (Tbilisi), which includes many icons and frescoes and decorated stone, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Vardesia Monastery

It is a city of the cave that stretches for several kilometers inside Mount Orcheli, and includes more than 6 thousand rooms, 13 floors and a number of halls.

Boulevard Park

This park is located in one of the most beautiful Georgian cities, "the coastal city of Batumi" overlooking the Black Sea, and includes on its sides gardens, palm trees and a fascinating landscape.

Lord's Castle

This castle is located near the city of Gori and is an important commercial center, in which the largest building is called "Tamaris Derbazi" and it is a large hall with great huge stone pillars.

Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi

One of the fun and modern transportation that opened in 2012 to make it easy for passengers to move from Rake Park to Narikala Fortress in just two minutes.

Rustaveli Street

One of the best tourist places in Georgia that you should visit, as it includes more than one historical place such as the National Museum, the Opera House, the State Ballet Theater, Kashviti Church and Parliament, in addition to other entertainment places such as restaurants and cafes.

Kazbek Mountain

It is a snow mountain located in the far north of the country, on the border between Georgia and Russia at the Caucasus Mountains, and is a great destination for lovers of climbing and charming nature.

Lake Ritsa

Of the most beautiful, famous and attractive Georgian places for tourists, located in the city of Abkhazia in the north of the country, this lake combines green and blue colors in which trout fish swim.

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