Antalya is one of the most attractive Turkish cities for tourists alongside Istanbul, due to its distinguished geographical location on the Mediterranean coast, southwest of Anatolia.

It also contains wonderful tourist and natural attractions, not to mention the high-end hotels of Antalya, most of which come in the form of comprehensive resorts to relax under the sun on the sea.

The best hotels in Antalya

Antalya, Turkey includes many hotels that differ in service and price levels, so tourists are confused about the choice and selection of the best ones

We loved our best resorts and hotels in Antalya by the sea, based on various experiences and assessments presented by Arab tourists on Turkey’s hotels in this city … Read more

Find out about the best Antalya hotels near tourist attractions in Antalya, Turkey

The most beautiful waterfalls of Antalya

One of the most important reasons for tourism in Antalya is its beautiful waterfalls flowing from the top of the mountains to dazzle the tourist with the splendor of its beauty and sing it with the sound of its roar

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Antalya, I advise you, dear visitor to the city of Antalya, that you should never miss a visit to waterfalls

Each waterfall has its own charm that distinguishes it from the rest of the waterfalls of Antalya, and from myself every time I visit this city I go to the waterfalls because it is a pleasure that I cannot describe to you.

Dodan Falls

Düden Şelalesi waterfalls are the most beautiful among the waterfalls of Antalya, there are two areas with the same first name where the waterfall comes within a beautiful park with restaurants and cafes and the second when the waterfall meets with the sea in a scene that may push you to visit the area several times before you leave Antalya … read more

Düden Şelalesi waterfalls are the most beautiful of Antalya waterfalls

Couronlo Falls

Kurşunlu Şelalesi Falls, the second most beautiful waterfall of Antalya, these waterfalls are located 20 km northeast of the city of Antalya, inside a very beautiful big park, which includes some recreational activities, services and restaurants … Read more

Kurşunlu Şelalesi Falls, the second most beautiful waterfall in Antalya

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in Antalya, and it is located 3 km from the village of Manavgat, which is 80 km away from Antalya towards Alanya, and these falls fall beside wonderful gardens that allow you to relax and rest on its banks. There are also centers selling souvenir photos and activities Entertainment and restaurant serving fish and cafeteria for the most famous tea in Turkey … read more

Manavgat Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in Antalya

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