Old City Rabat is an ancient historical walled city with a huge fence overlooking several areas of Rabat
This city is located in the heart of Rabat and is considered one of the most important places of tourism in Morocco, as it attracts a large number of tourists from different parts of the earth throughout the year. There are a number of ancient streets in the city that, despite their ancient presence, are vibrant throughout the day, such as Al-Swaqa Street and Al-Kanasul Street.

Rabat old city

Among the most prominent features of the ancient city is the wall of the Andalusians, which was built in the Middle Ages in order to defend the city against enemies.

The best things to do there

• You must make sure to spend a comprehensive tour in all the corners of the old city in Rabat. The place will give you a feeling that you have installed the time machine to several centuries ago. You can also learn more about this place and its history by reading the evidence in all the streets overlooking it.

Rabat old city

Al-Suwaiqah Street is one of the best streets in the old city. It contains a large number of shops that sell souvenirs and a large number of goods with great prices. You can get the things you need from there.

Rabat old city

• Restaurant suggestions in this region are endless. During your tour, you can choose one of the restaurants specialized in providing authentic Moroccan food for a new experience.

Rabat old city

• Memorial images remain extremely important wherever you go, do not forget to take an appropriate number of them.

Hotels near the old city of Rabat

Aviourad Hotel from Rabat is just 450 meters from the old Medina in Rabat
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Exceptional evaluation of cleanliness, calmness and staff cooperation, and a few negative comments regarding the difficulty in reaching the hotel
Hotel reservation
Riad Zyo Hotel is one of the hotels in Morocco, just 260 meters from the old Medina in Rabat
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Excellent evaluation for room service, cleanliness and breakfast, other negative comments regarding beds and poor internet service
Hotel reservation

Rabat’s old city site

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