The Melbourne Museum, which is an exhibition of natural and cultural history, is located in Carlton Gardens, near the Royal Exhibition Building, and was opened in 2000 as a project for the Victorian government for the benefit of the Victoria Museums that it runs.
The museum is a full display of Melbourne’s urban life, as it is a rich place for education, history, culture and society intertwined in the contemporary environment.
It has achieved impressive success and won numerous local and international awards as one of the most popular museums within the tourist areas of Melbourne

Melbourne Museum Australia

The best activities in the Melbourne Museum

• You and your children can visit galleries that include science and life galleries that include dinosaur skeletons, and marine life examples such as the Blue Whale Temple.

Melbourne Museum, Australia

• Your children will love visiting other exhibitions, including the Melbourne Story Gallery, the Mind and Body Gallery, the Darwin Evolution Gallery, as well as the Butterfly Gallery.

Melbourne Museum is one of the most important places of tourism in Melbourne, Australia

You must visit the Pongilaka Cultural Center, which includes historic galleries for Aborigines, and the Pacifica Gallery where the water craft of all Pacific Islands.

Pacifica Gallery at the Melbourne Museum

• The museum also includes a children’s gallery, which is an amazing place for children under the age of 5, where your children can explore, play and learn, along with many outdoor facilities for children.

Children's Gallery at the Melbourne Museum

• At the heart of the museum is the Forest Gallery, where you will enjoy young and old masterpieces of mountain landscapes that include rare plants and wildlife.

Forest Show at the Melbourne Museum

Entry prices

For adults over 16 years old, Australian $ 14, and free for those under.

work hours

Everyday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Melbourne Museum Hotels – Melbourne

The Offline Line Hotel is a 4-star Melbourne hotel with excellent ratings, and is 700 meters from the Museum.
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The Marriott Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Melbourne, Australia with great reviews, and is 600 meters from the Melbourne Museum
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Melbourne Museum website

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