This magnificent city is a perfect blend of majestic water wonders, steep rock walls and magical alpine charm.
The mountains here appear to be part of the Red Sea, as there are two paved rocky faces lining the vast valley and grassy meadows scattered in the shadow of the majestic mountains. What distinguishes this separate mountain masterpiece is more than 70 waterfalls, a group of springs that descend mostly from high rocks, while others flow from the cracks with an ice face.

The impressive Lauterbrunnen Falls and dramatic cliffs have inspired many great writers and poets such as Goethe Wordsworth and Byron to write ethereal poems.
Sherlock Holmes fans know that it is these waterfalls in which Holmes fights with his archenemy Professor Moriarty (in Reichenbach Falls), and we cannot forget the 1969 James Bond movie that was shot in Lauterbrunnen.

The Lauterbrunnen valley is one kilometer long, and stretches between dramatic vertical rock walls and snow-capped mountains rising over meadows. The name in German means “noisy springs”, and the sound of water rushing down the rocks is heard everywhere in the town, which is dominated by moist weather and the aroma of wonderful flowers.
In the spring, the village turns into a sea of ​​wonderful yellow flowers, while in the winter it is covered with snow to be a place for ski lovers. In summer, it is an ideal place for nature lovers who want to hiking or climbing and experience a jump in the air, while the outdoor pool offers one of the most amazing swimming experiences anywhere, with great views of the glacier.

There is a chain of cafes, restaurants and hotels on the main street that provide all the services that tourists and visitors need. The village is a gateway to explore the wonderful nearby places and villages, and there is a good network of transport links from railways, highways and cable cars.

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