It is time to visit the Woody Yosemite National Park, which covers an area of ​​more than 3000 square kilometers, and is 1,220 meters high and reaches across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
The park was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1984, and is famous for its magnificent granite slopes, “U” ice valley and tall waterfalls that trace their way among the vast, wild, wildlife. It is home to black bears, deer and squirrels.

The park offers many organized activities that range from walking in nature led by a tourist guide to the evening theater, from skiing to photography seminars, through to the manufacture of the Indian basket to rock climbing lessons and dozens of hiking and biking trails, to complete the magic of watching the sunset Who overshadows the famous “Half Dome” rock.

The opportunity to take the most popular trips into the “Half Dome Cable Hike” park that combines hiking with stunning scenery adorning the iconic paths that pass through Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls and many granite icons such as the “ElCapitan” icon and wildlife all the way to a lake Charming mirrors.

Arts thrive in Yosemite as an increasing community of artists, galleries, museums, musicians, live performances and more grows in an innovative environment. The Mariposa Symphony Orchestra features many performances throughout the year, and performances do not stop at Yosemite Theater seven nights a week starting from May to October .

Summer is the best season to visit the park as all activities can be enjoyed outdoors, while waterfalls peak in the spring during April and May. The park turns into a wonderland during the winter, where fun cross-country skiing and taming of white peaks can be done at “Badger Pass”, California’s first alpine ski resort established in 1935.

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