The Ankara Zoo Zoo is one of the most beautiful parks in Ankara that attract large groups of tourists, both from the inside and from the surrounding cities throughout the year. The park is located on an area of ​​19 acres, was established in 1998, and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Ankara.
Where it combines the appearances of the enchanting nature of green plants and waterfalls with the presence of animals and domestic birds, and it is distinguished from being away from all kinds of predators, whether they are animals or birds in one of the tourism cities in Turkey.

The wonderful Ankara Zoo

The best activities in the Ankara Zoo

• Enjoy watching some mountain statues that were built at the Zoo in Ankara to be used as scenic waterfalls.

Ankara Zoo
• Take the most beautiful souvenir photos for you and your children, especially near the stereoscopic wooden train full of flowers and colorful flowers.

The Zoo in Turkey, Ankara
• Walk around the zoo in Ankara and enjoy walking in the corridors that were established to see the animals in complete safety.

Turkish Ankara Zoo
• You can leave your children in the open gym at the Zoo in Ankara, which will give them an atmosphere of fun and happiness.

Zoo in Ankara, Turkey
• Enjoy watching flamingos at their best, as a net barrier was built above them to keep them from flying.

Ankara Zoo in Turkey
• There are many pools of renewable water that some domestic birds exploit to drink from and take a bath in, which work to calm the atmosphere, especially in the summer.

Zoo in Ankara, Turkey
• You can feed pet birds at the zoo in Ankara, where they are given some pills to feed on and rejoice and cheer children in doing so.

The Zoo in Ankara, Turkey
• See the aquariums that have many different types of marine fish, and there are many types of reptiles.

Ankara Turkey Zoo
There are many animals whose food depends on herbal plants at the zoo in Ankara, Turkey.

Ankara Zoo in Turkey

work hours

All days of the week from 10:00 AM to 22:00 PM.

Hotels near Ankara Zoo

Aymeni Hotel, Ankara, which has two star best hotels in Ankara, is approximately 6.1 km from Ankara Zoo.
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The hotel received very good reviews on the comfort, location, cleanliness, services, and excellent staff ratings.
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Crowne Plaza Hotel 5-star best hotels in Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in Turkey in Ankara, it is 6.8 km from Ankara Zoo.
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The hotel is rated very good in terms of staff, amenities, facilities, cleanliness, location, and great reviews for free Wi-Fi.
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Ankara Zoo location on the map

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