Tired of looking for a special place to spend your vacation with your friends? What kind of places do you want to hike, are they natural or archaeological places?
We advise you to head to tourism in Risa which has a charming nature, especially Riza waterfalls that give an atmosphere of relaxation, relaxation and psychological calm, and there are many ancient places such as castles, forts, and museums that include rare collections, which made Risa one of the most important tourism cities in Turkey .

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Risa Falls

The city of Risa has a group of wonderful waterfalls that illustrate the picturesque nature as it works to flourish tourism in Turkey greatly, and we will show the following 4 of the waterfalls Risa which is visited by millions of visitors annually.

Polot Falls

Bulut Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Risa and even the longest waterfalls in Turkey as a whole, with a height of about 250 meters, and it is located in the village of hot springs, and the water falling on it from the Kakar Mountains and a group of mountains adjacent to it, so the water collected from it by melting the ice from the highest peaks These mountains are in addition to rain water.
Bulut waterfalls are characterized by the fact that its water flows through four successive phases among green grassy plants in a wonderful scene, glory to the Exalted Creator, and the Bulut Waterfalls are 22 km away from the center of Risa.

The charming Risa Falls

Balovet Falls

Palovit Falls Palovit Falls is one of the most amazing waterfalls of Risa, which is located among a group of dense trees, and descends from the highest mountains of Kakar, where it is about 15 meters in length. .
You can also see the Balovet waterfalls from the bottom side of it, as tourists descend near to take the most beautiful pictures. The Balovet waterfalls are 10 km away from the center of Risa.

Magnificent Risa Falls

Galen Tolo Falls

Gallen Tullo Falls blends all aspects of the rich nature and descends from the highest mountains of Kakkar, which is located in the bright city of Risa amidst green plants.
Fog spreads over the waterfall to become like smoke in a magical view, and the length of the Galen Tolo waterfalls is about 15 meters, and its estuary ends in the River Kafron, away from the center of Risa about 30 km.

Risa Falls, Turkey

Agaran Falls

Agaran Falls is one of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls in Risa, where it is located in the town of Jai to, and it derives its water from rain water and water resulting from melting snow on top of mountains, and it is formed in rocky terraces, and tourists can take memorial pictures with the picturesque nature.
Plants and flowers scatter the fragrant smells in the place. You can also enjoy the sounds of rare birds, which cleave with their wonderful sounds, and away from the center of Risa about 70 km.

Magnificent Risa Falls

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