Athletes compete in the process of skydiving. Some of them jump from the highest mountain peaks, but despite their great danger, it is a sport that carries all the meanings of suspense and adventure.

Best places to skydive

A number of cities around the world have a lot of fans and lovers to try this sport, and the following are the most prominent areas that suit free skydiving around the world:


The tropical Singaporean island attracts many skydiving fans from all over the world as it contains a rainforest of green trees, which made it one of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore, and it has a special center for skydiving.


The magnificent Egyptian city, which is located in southern Egyptian Sinai, is classified as one of the best tourist areas in Egypt and represents an ideal place for skydiving due to its wonderful mountainous terrain.

Beni Mellal

That Moroccan tourist city organizes 3-month training courses to train the skydiving in the skydiving with the particiAl Bahahn of international experts in that sport, and I witnessed the performance of world racing champion Michael Schumacher to experience skydiving from that city.


This African island is a stand-alone country located in the southeast of the African coast, and fans of jump can spend 450 dollars to enjoy jumping for 25 minutes from a height of 15 thousand feet.


The Spanish city located in the south of Madrid, the capital, and you can spend approximately 200 euros to experience a jump from a height of 10,000 feet.


Turkish cities located in western Turkey, near the Aegean Sea, you can enjoy the scenic views of the sky while skydiving.


Dubai Dream City contains one of the best centers in the world for skydiving and is located on the shore of The Palm Island in Jumeirah, and receives 60,000 amateur sports annually, and you can spend approximately $ 460 to play interesting sports.

Hamat airport

It is a Lebanese military airport that allows civilians to skydive from a height of 15,000 feet for a period of 25 minutes, in exchange for starting from 350 euros.

the green Mountain

In Indonesia, Mount Posnac is located 100 kilometers from the capital, Jakarta, and it is possible to parachute with coaches or fly small aircraft over the waterfalls and scenic views.

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