This beautiful country that Greece claims a region called Meteora “suspended in the sky” where towering rock towers and monasteries rise above the clouds and reach the sky.
Meteora stands on the edge of a cliff, a thousand feet from a stunning forest stretching on the slopes to paint a sculpture with a wonderful epic scene, located at the tops of the steep slopes monasteries embracing the sky were home to the Greek monks during the period when Greece was under the control of the Ottoman Turks who suppressed culture and religion, They kept the Greek language and history in distant monasteries.

The six Orthodox monasteries sit on six tall towers, and the most beautiful “Grand Meteoron” contains a photographer and a mural depicting Greek philosophers and their ideas several centuries ago. Some monasteries date back to the fourteenth century, and still include some monks and nuns to this day.

Meteora has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and welcomes thousands of tourists every year. The bright sun shines from the Holy Trinity Monastery and parts of the nearby village of Kalabaka when forming the Meteora Rock in central Greece. The monastery was built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and is the oldest of the six monasteries scattered with caves. Holy shrines and along the cliff.
The Far-Lam holy monastery is the second largest monastery and has the Church of the Three Bishops, which is of the Athenian type and was built in 1541, and the dining hall has been converted into a museum that contains many of the holdings of monks who lived in it.

The geographic formations of the region date back to about 60 million years ago, when a mixture of sandstone and rocky agglomeration was formed, and a series of plate movements raised the sea floor in what was previously a sea surface, which led to the formation of a high plateau with many cracks, and gave the forces of water and wind The rocks are their current shape.

It is preferable to discover the beauty and splendor of the area and its nature on foot to slowly draw the bright sunlight golden glow across the valley on stones and formations that include centuries of dedication to work until the sun sinks behind the distant peaks.

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