1- Marx Restaurant:
Where Marx is one of the most famous restaurants in the German city of Munich, where it is one of the restaurants that is characterized by enchanting beauty. Lots of important French meals that have a unique Asian taste.

2- First Restaurant 128:
It is among the small-sized restaurants within the city of Munich, but it is distinguished by its great reputation that it has recently acquired at the city level, it is worth noting that this restaurant is very suitable for romantic dates as it is affordable to everyone and the restaurant provides you with a panoramic view of the city as it is located at an altitude of 600 feet.

3- Swartz and Wise Restaurant:
It is also one of the most famous restaurants in the city of Munich, where it is distinguished by its unique architectural design, as it is one of the large restaurants in size as it has three large and large floors, it is worth mentioning, the restaurant works to provide a lot of international meals as you can try more meals Local.

4- Davero Restaurant:
That restaurant works to provide a lot of italyn dishes, as it is one of the very distinct restaurants. It is also possible to make a lot of deals for business owners and work inside that restaurant. It also provides more calm and beauty for romantic dates, so it works to provide more charming and different meals.

5- Tantar Eyes Restaurant:
This restaurant is not considered a restaurant, but rather it is considered a unique artistic architecture in the city, as the restaurant works to provide more Asian meals as well as more seafood, which is shared by one of the largest chefs in Germany.

6- Marquis Restaurant:
It is among the restaurants that deserved to receive a Michelin star. The restaurant also offers more elegance as well as many charming meals. The restaurant also features more appetizers before the main meals. It also features more famous and different seafood.

7- Theresa Grill Restaurant:
This restaurant is among the very distinguished restaurants, especially in the modern and very elegant design of the restaurant, as the restaurant features more drinks than alcohol and unique and distinctive cocktails, and it also serves to provide more tempting meals.

8- Sengam Restaurant:
It is also one of the famous restaurants inside the city of Munich, which works to provide more Halal meals, and is one of the Indian restaurants that works to provide more famous and Halal Arabic meals in its ingredients to suit Muslims.

9- Leonardo Restaurant:
It is the last of the restaurants that work to provide more halal meals, so the restaurant works to provide more meals that are served in Lebanese and Shami cuisine.

10- Persepolis Restaurant:
It is an Iranian restaurant that serves more halal meals for Iranian and Persian cuisine, and offers more different dishes on German cuisine to suit all tourists and visitors.

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