Dar Bensouda: It is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city of Fez, and is the first project in the city of Fez to be a veteran hotel expert in Marrakech, Abdellatif Bin Abdullah. In the midst of the endless stimulation of the city, the hotel is characterized by its wonderful design and large, comfortable and tidy rooms located around the courtyard, and contains a dining room with a wide and comfortable dining area, and the hotel has some shaded seating areas that are outdoors.

– Les Jardins de Behin: The Pasha Summer Palace, which contains a special pasha suite and a massage room with its own diving pools, is one of the hotels that has a special charm, and includes many small antiques, which were brought by Michel and Catherine Bien Jami Antiques, distinguished by the beautiful garden and a popular cafe.

– Dar Finn: It is one of the guest houses with a wonderful architectural design, and Rebecca Hawa and Paul O’Sullivan are doing many renovations. The hotel consists of six rooms distinguished by its traditional engineering and architectural design in Morocco. The food is of a large size and connected to the magnificent garden with swimming pool, and there are many wonderful views of the city especially from the upper floors at sunset.

– Riyadh Al-Idrissi Hotel: This hotel is owned by John Tommy, and it is run by chef and designer Robert Johnstone, and the hotel consists of four rooms that are very luxurious and full of details. The place also contains a group of wonderful old antiques, and many elegant collectibles such as masks made of beads and old and wonderful furniture , And the beautiful garden where meals can be enjoyed.

La Maison Moure Hotel: It is one of the newly renovated hotels in the heart of the historical city of Fez. The rooms are located around the beautiful central courtyard, and the place maintains its old design with a stylish modern twist, it features its large glass windows and white walls, and has a stunning surface overlooking A lot of wonderful views of the city.

– Riad Fes Hotel: It is one of the luxurious places to suit many tastes, and is characterized by its wonderful interior design, which is a mix between traditional decoration and contemporary taste. The hotel contains a variety of rooms and suites, it also contains a wonderful Moroccan kitchen, a swimming pool and a spa resort. Stylish, and you can enjoy many wonderful views from the balcony while eating breakfast.

– Riad Anata Hotel: It is one of the charming places located in the center of the city of Fez, and after the complete renovation that took place in it the place has become somewhat contemporary despite the fact that the building still retains its original charm, and contains five wonderful rooms all characterized by bright colors, floors From terracotta tiles and luxury bathrooms, many of the city’s main attractions can be found within walking distance.

– Amani Palace: It is a former palace dating back to the seventeenth century, and it is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city of Fez, and it contains fourteen rooms characterized by comfortable luxury and there is a grand luxurious suite and there is a luxurious bathroom and a restaurant that contains a lot of distinctive foods.

– Riyadh Al-Qantara Hotel: It is one of the luxurious hotels that feature a lush garden and a wonderful water pool, and elegantly decorated rooms in the traditional style that contain antiques. It can be arranged with the hotel to go to the tourist places in the city.

– Riad Numero 9 Hotel: It is one of the places that are very popular due to its extreme elegance and care in preparing the rooms as if the owners were staying in the place. The hotel features ceilings with beautiful beams, soft fabrics with bright colors and large rugs.

– Riad Al-Portugal Hotel: The hotel is distinguished for its wonderful views and distinctive architectural design, and a marble entrance that leads to rooms decorated with tiles, rich fabrics and wooden furnishings of dark cedar wood. A healthy Moroccan breakfast is served in addition to dinner.

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