We loved spending this summer vacation in a place that takes us to a different world and we live in an experience that leaves within us a good memory and gets to know new details in travel.

Our test was Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru & Four Seasons Private Island Resort, a destination for tourists looking for luxury and privacy.

We were enchanted by the picturesque nature surrounding the resort and caught us by the minute details that reflect the fine taste of its owners. Our stay there has gone through immortal moments, which we lived through in the elements of the product, which are summarized as follows:
DeepFlight A deep ocean expedition

Four Seasons Resort Maldives in Landaa Giraavaru is the first place to launch submarine tours in the most sophisticated model of the Delight now: Super Falcon 3S.
With this exclusive and imaginative experience, DeepFlight Adventures welcomes up to two guests on an unforgettable underwater expedition over a lifetime to explore the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and the Landaa Giraavaru’s Baa Atoll site.
With a professional captain, travelers can view corals up close, as well as countless varieties of brightly colored fish. Besides superb creatures like turtles, sharks and dolphins, this trip can reach as far as 120 feet (37 meters) below sea level.

Flying Triggerfish Sky tour to see stunning views from above
Because the Four Seasons Resort Maldives in Landaa Giraavaru always seeks to take the lead, it brought the first DHC-6-300 Twin Otter to serve its guests and transport them in a wonderful country in the sky of the island, and this plane is one of the most luxurious marine aircraft ever.

We enjoyed sitting in the seats of the eight leather-coated plane, to feel the luxurious experience that only VIPs have. We will not forget the wonderful feeling of taking off and landing on the water in a pleasant manner led by experts from TMA, the largest operator of seaplanes in the world. We have preserved unparalleled top-of-the-pearl pictures of the Maldives while transporting to and from the Four Seasons Resort of the Maldives in Landaa Giraavaru.
Entirely designed exterior and interior, the private private jet ranges from luxurious refurbished floor, ceiling and side walls to the Garmin 950NXi Pavilion, inspired by the colorful Picasso fish shapes found in the waters of the Maldives. With half the number of seats in a passenger seaplane, guests can rest in comfort and enjoy amenities in Four Seasons like noise-canceling headphones.

Therapeutic yoga experience
Under the leadership of Dr. Ayurveda Dr. Chilish Subramania, The Spa & Ayurvedic Retreat Resort at Four Seasons Resort Maldives in Landa Giraavaru – first to introduce AntiGravity Yoga, Yoga Energy Trail, and Panchakarma to the Maldives – Yoga Therapy Courses: Case-specific programs It was developed in cooperation with S-VYASA, the world’s first “university of yoga” and a leader in yoga therapy through scientific research.
“If the doctor is guiding, most people will not hesitate to take the medicine on prescription for a personal condition,” explains Dr. Schilch. “This is exactly what we invite our guests to watch the new scientifically backed courses: the personally described moves and the breathing that must be taken daily for long-term improvements.”

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