Riva Beach Restaurant, Café and Beach offers a new selection of delicious dishes, refreshing drinks and delicious desserts, inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist that guarantees all its visitors an unparalleled taste experience.

Seafood lovers can dive to the deep sea with new options from appetizers that the restaurant has added to its menu such as “tuna croquette and shrimp” and “shrimp bell bill marbella”.

As for dieters, they have a special place on the menu with innovative dishes from healthy and appetizing authorities such as “Avocado and Beetroot Salad” and “Greek Riva Salad”.

Of course, the list is not complete without cheese-backed pizza and pasta dishes and unforgettable new flavors such as “smoked salmon” pizza, “four seasons” pizza, and the wonderful “mushroom and truffle” pizza. One of the new italyn additions to the restaurant menu is “seafood risotto”, prepared from a mixture of a variety of seafood and saffron.
Riva also picked up special additions to the menu of mouth-watering main dishes such as “hot berry chicken” and “slowly cooked beef cheeks” served with a choice of french fries, crunchy sweet potato fingers or sauteed vegetables.

It ends with honey with delicious and varied desserts such as “banana cotta with mango” and refreshing flavors of “rich gelato” and crunchy “churros”.
Explore the new flavors daily from 11 am, and enjoy entry to the Riva Beach Club during the day for AED 80 (for individuals) and AED 100 (for couples).
For reservations and inquiries, please contact Riva Restaurant on the following number: +97144309466
Facebook: RIVABeachDXB
Instagram: RIVABeachDXB

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