Sibuan Island is considered to be one of the most important and most famous tourist islands that exist in the Malaysian border, where I am distinguished by its presence in the famous Sea of ​​Celebes, as it is always visited by tourists from different countries of the world to enjoy the tourist attractions and its picturesque nature and it is found in it where the fine white sand and The picturesque and wonderful sea water, as it is very popular among the rest of the other coastal islands, which are also found in the Sea of ​​Celebes.

In spite of the beauty and splendor of the famous island of Sibuan, it does not contain resorts and tourist hotels on board, but it does have the presence of various public facilities that have been distributed on the island in a nice way all this, as it is also known about Sibuan Island that it contains a total Small gypsies and they are the residents residing on the island where they live their lives in the beaches area and directly overlooking the sea water as they depend in their daily lives on fishing to be the source of their livelihood on the island and the craft that they live on, and it is worth mentioning also That this island is Sibuan Island Malaysian is considered one of the most important islands, which is known to contain many different tourism activities and practiced by many tourists who always come to this island.

And one of the most important different tourism activities that exist in Sibuan Island is diving and snorkeling in the waters of the island as it contains a lot of wonderful and colorful coral reefs that can be seen under the waters of the island by practicing diving and snorkelling activities under the water, and it is worth It should also be mentioned that Sibuan Island contains diving schools that train many visitors and tourists to do various diving activities, which also provide subscribers with special sea trips that go to certain areas of the island’s sea and begin diving training that we received These schools, it is worth noting any A Sibuyan island that is characterized by a wonderful climate, but the sun’s rays are always out incendiary as it is the most beautiful tropical islands with a tropical climate hot and strong sunlight.

We should also not forget to mention the restaurants that are on the island as it contains several different restaurants that provide the most delicious local food, which includes fish and seafood in general, as it is considered one of the small islands, which is always preferred As it is possible to travel around in a period of time that may take about sixty minutes, because it is a simple and small island that enjoys its picturesque climate, wonderful sea water, its picturesque sands and clear sky most of the year, and it is worth noting also that the island of Sibuan always finds a similarity Between it and the island of Mabol, and that is where it contains On a large group of abstract and wonderful landscapes, which can always take many picturesque and wonderful memorial photos in these places, and during diving also it is possible to see many different marine neighborhoods and large fish that can be seen during diving cruises Among the most important fish found in this island are dwarf seahorses, scorpion fish, crocodile fish, lions, mandarin fish and a large number of water frogs as well as many different and varied fish also on the island of Sibuan.

And as we have mentioned previously, Sibuan Island is distinguished as it contains a lot of diving areas, but it is difficult to visit it without obtaining a permit from schools on the island, as it provides special trips to these areas, and it is worth noting also that this island does not have any Residence and there is also no residence in the tourist islands adjacent to it and is considered the closest tourist resort that can be stay is the tourist island of Matting next to the boom boom resort, which is characterized by its affordable prices for all.

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