Turkey is a unique model for tourism in the world, because it contains all types of tourism, including religious, recreational and medical tourism, adventure tourism, excitement, play, hunting, mountain climbing and historical tourism, as it is an innovative model that provides tourists with everything that they need in one place, and each of Turkey’s provinces is distinguished by something unique that attracts it Tourists of all levels, for example, Istanbul is distinguished by its historical tourism, due to the presence of a huge number of mosques, temples and palaces, as it was present in the Ottoman Empire. As for Antalya, it is characterized by entertainment because of the presence of creative beaches and its distinctive view of the Mediterranean. Gaziantep and delicious food, as the south and north of Turkey are characterized by the abundance of mountains, green plains and rich nature, as well as the state of Kars, which is located in the northeast of the state of Turkey

The state of Kars is located in eastern Anatolia, Turkey, and the Kars state seeks to encourage tourism to it by migrating bears that live in the forests of the Sari Qamish district, the bears move in the summer to that forest, which is one of the most prominent winter tourism sites in Turkey, the bears move to the countryside of Sawasht district in the state of Artvin To search for food and shelter and return to Sary Qamish to spend the winter hiatus there. Later, Italy and Turkey signed a joint cooperation to protect wildlife within the framework of the project to study and protect eastern Anatolian wildlife. Special courses and training for the people of about 10 villages were started and Repast forests within the region in order to increase the awareness of the local population and make them benefit from tourism in the bears.

In the context of this, the scientific coordinator said that there is a project aimed at monitoring the living conditions of the bears and the people ’s governorate to increase and stimulate the tourist return in the city. The governors of the state said that tourists come from all places to see and see the bears and photograph them while they are in their natural environment. Bears are present in a tourist way. This summer, tourists will visit a bears, so that it does not affect them, especially that all tourists want to photograph with them or photograph in a way that disturbs and affects and threatens wildlife. During the summer, bears move from Samaish to Qashish to Arfy. So is the new tourism models in Turkey is a model of wildlife tourism that life lovers.

The area is characterized by the presence of shiny crystal snow for Sari Qamish, which is a symbol for winter. As for the gray bears, it is a symbol for the summer. Bears appear in the summer in this picturesque state and attract a number of tourists, but the state seeks to attract a greater number and to encourage and stimulate tourism to it this summer.
Today, the state of Kars enjoys the presence of stone hotels on the Ottoman heritage in order to receive tourists, as well as traditional restaurants that serve delicious food for the regions of Anatolia. Kars is also characterized by unique tourist attractions. The state was placed in 2009 within the project of the best European destinations with historical Kuyukuk Lake along with a number of reserves Beautiful natural to protect wildlife, the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture creates tourist programs to introduce the state as it also includes migratory birds from Asia and Africa not only bears have 224 birds flocking to them in different migration seasons in Jannah With the succession of human civilizations to it, there are a number of cities that were built in the periods of BC, such as the ancient city of Al-Ani, and the most famous features of the Ottoman Empire are the Kombat Mosque and Kars Castle.
If you are a wildlife lover, don’t miss out on this state and see the gray bears in the summers.

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