The Pearl of the Black Sea deserves a visit at least once in a lifetime, Trabzon is one of the very attractive places in Turkey, as it is characterized by beauty and creative nature, and a moderate climate even in very hot summer months, as it is one of the Turkish cities that have great popularity, and the popularity of it in The summer months are less than the winter. The state maintains an authentic Turkish heritage that has different cultures and customs from southern and central Turkey. Trabzon is located in the northeast of Turkey, on the coasts of the Black Sea on the historic Silk Road.

The history of the state dates back to ancient Greece, and it was called “Rabezos” which is its first name, and its Arabic meaning is a table, and in modern Greece they called it “trapezunda”, and it is written in the Ottoman language Trabzon, which is today the most attractive tourist front for the Arab tourist In Turkey, it is possible to go to it individually or group trips for the family as a whole, so we will learn how to spend 7 days in the charming Trabzon.

The first day getting to know the city:

The city is enthralled by the visitor at first sight, feels warmth and listens to the rumbling of water on the road that accompanies it throughout his journey by land, or from the airport to the hotel, the city has hotels suitable for all budgets and tastes, the average night in three-star hotels starts from 60-70 dollars , Four-star hotels from $ 100-130, five-star hotels from $ 150, and hotel apartments start at $ 320 per night.
After booking the hotel on the first day, you should discover the city’s delightful attractions, the city includes a number of very unique tourist places, you cannot visit all places in one day, of course you have to divide the places, on the first day of course you must explore the beautiful Sera gölü lake, formed The lake thanks to the heavy winter torrents, in the green valley due to the blockage of large rocks, on the slopes of the valley floor causing the rupture to create a deep crack in the valley, then the lake formed from the torrents within 14 days, and the lake is 25 km from the city.

Lake Seoul is 25 km from the center of Trabzon

The lake is located in a mountainous place full of green meadows, to which the visitor is dazzled, where there are rare antique trees, and majestic mountains, it is a rural area of ​​the first degree, of course when you visit Trabzon for the first day you must go to a magical place like this, next to the lake there is a series of restaurants Serving delicious Turkish cuisine, you can also enjoy small boat trips inside the lake.

Hagia Sophia Museum in Trabzon

On the first day you should also start to visit the Hagia Sophia Museum, Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum, one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Trabzon, it is close to the Black Sea, it was a Byzantine church dating back to the thirteenth century AD, after the Islamic conquest it was converted into a mosque, then Again converted back into a museum.

Ataturk Palace in Trabzon, which is characterized by the architecture of the Black Sea

And when you visit the Hagia Sophia Museum, do not miss the visit of Ataturk Palace, this mansion on a high plateau, has a unique view of the city, 5-6 minutes away from the city center, distinguished by the beautiful garden palace attached to it, is suitable for photography lovers, The palace is characterized by a white facade and consists of three floors and it is located in Ataturk Alani area, and the building depends on the popular architecture of the Crimea and the Black Sea.

The second day is the starting day:

Sumela Monastery from the fourth century

After getting to know the city and its number of unique features, we set out on the second day of the mountain, to visit a very unique landmark, which is the Sumela Monastery or the Monastery of Sumela, the monastery is half an hour from the city center, which is a monastery belonging to the Eastern Orthodox community, the monastery is located in The Pontus Mountains on the shores of the Black Sea and the best tourist areas in the winter, the monastery was established on the slopes of Machka in the fourth century, the monastery collects a number of rocks carved the mountain, you can go to visit the monastery in the early morning, it is less crowded, you can meditate and those around you enjoy the amazing nature of the place.
After seeing the monastery, you can take a small tour in the church complex on the top of the mountain, but this place is not suitable for children, due to the high stairs and rugged mountain climbing, of course suitable for photography lovers, after finishing the day you can go to enjoy a cup of tea in cafes Quiet on the Black Sea.

Day 3 Tour of cities near Trabzon:
Of course, the cities of the Black Sea coast are considered one of the most beautiful cities, and there are a number of cities near the city, all of which are characterized by magic and exclusivity, and it is an opportunity for fans of starting and photographing, you can choose one city to visit it or visit all cities in case you have time for that ..
Visiting the city of Kumosh Khan, which is 65 km away from Trabzon, and the city is characterized by a rural nature in general, where there are many elegant artifacts, the city is characterized by narrow alleys, where you can enjoy buying handicrafts from rugs, and elegant Turkish furnishings.

Gerson city is 113 km from Trabzon

Visiting the city of Gerson, which is 113 km from Trabzon, the city is characterized by the presence of a group of very charming waterfalls, such as the Kozalan Waterfall which is one of the refreshing waterfalls, you can enjoy lunch in the waterfall restaurant, and abound in the place pastures, green plains and plateaus, also from the famous landmarks in The city, Gerson Castle, has a breathtaking view of the city.

The city of Ordu is 115 km away from Trabzon

Visiting the city of Ordu, which is 115 km from Trabzon, which is famous for its many lakes and waterfalls, is one of the places that delight in the soul, and very fun tourism activities, cable car rides, and going to taste tea in the Vonali Celal Café, which is one of the cafes that offer you Unique view of the city.

The fourth day is the starting day for the city of Rize:

Rize province is an hour’s drive from Trabzon, it is one of the most beautiful places of adventure inside Turkey, as well as magic and beauty, it has a creative view such as the Alps in Europe and also competes with it, the visitor can live in small rural villages, offering a very elegant stay for visitors, also there is in Rizeh is a lot of beautiful villages.

Among the most famous tourist places in Aydar Heights, and it is intended by a large number of tourists for photographing and recreation, beside waterfalls and lakes, the visitor can enjoy rowing in the rivers there, while the restaurants in the city are making food on firewood, which gives them a very distinct taste and aroma, do not forget to buy honey Butter, then set off to the creative valley of Fertina, to enter and wander around the Zil Kali Fortress, which was built in the Middle Ages, and the entrance ticket is about 2 and a half TL, then at the end of the tour enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee in a quiet place close to it.
Day 5 and 6: Departure to Uzungol and stay in the cottages in the bright light of the stars:

The charming city of Uzungol

This picturesque city is about 80 km from Trabzon, an hour and a half or two hours by car, hotels in the state offer a one-day visit to it, so that the tourist can enjoy seeing the green mountains and the long lake, and Uzungol Lake, is available inside the huts prepared for a visitor to the Internet and TV, so as not to separate from The world, as well as modern bathrooms, spend an amazing night in the arms of the stars.
It can be enjoyed in a number of tourist activities, including renting bicycles and moving around the lake, or organizing a boat competition, the temperature does not exceed 26 degrees Celsius until the hot summer months.
Day 7 Farewell to the city:

The Trabzon trip is one of the excitement of the soul in particular, where the tourist learns about the great ancient parts of Turkey, on the last day it must be devoted to photographing the parts of the city, contemplating the amazing places, relaxing with the landscape, and enjoying it by buying the food produced by the city such as honey Tea, buying elegant handmade rugs, going to the markets and photographing everything in them.

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