The picturesque tourist town of Car Linthia in the state of Austria is one of the most important cities that contain the most amazing natural scenes and scenic tourism, as there are many mountains and lakes and various types of amazing natural environment gather in this charming city, as it is also worth noting that the state Austria is considered one of the most important and largest tourist countries in the heart of the continent of Central Europe, as it is considered a state of history and beauty and is not limited to art and modernity and modern civilization only, as it has many different tourist areas that have a great history where it can be the state of Austria One of the most beautiful European countries It contains a lot of different tourist cities and one of the most important is the city of Klagenfurt as the state of Austria contains many pleasures that many tourists from different countries of the world wish to visit and it is also not a coastal country as it does not overlook any sea or An ocean as it is located in the center of the continent of Central Europe, but it is characterized by the passage of the colorful Danube River, which passes through many other European tourist countries, the most important of which are Germany, Ukraine, Portugal, and others, and the city of Car Linthia is considered one of the most beautiful areas that are found in the southern side of Countries where they have their own character and taste It cannot be found in many other cities, so this city is going to be talked about today
The city of Car Linthia or, as some call it, the city of Kirinton means in the German language the name of the land of lakes as it is also known as the Rivera Alps as the state of Austria is famous for the existence of this city between its seas and between its mountains, and it is worth noting also that this city is located in the southern part From the Austrian state and on the common borders between the state of Austria and the state of Italy and the state of Slovenia in the southern side of the most famous European mountains the Alps and the capital of this city is the city of both Gnfort, and this city is famous for the city of Car Linthia with its distinctive and heat-loving climate as it contains a lot of Brain lakes Roll, as the city of Car Athena contains more than one thousand two hundred and seventy two lakes, and one of the most important of these lakes is the well-known Lake Wörth See Lake. It also contains about eight thousand square kilometers of rivers in addition to having more Out of fifty-five eyes, mineral water exits, and it also contains about forty-six mountain peaks covered by ice, due to its high altitude, which is among the famous peaks of the Alps.

And the city of Kar Linthia is considered one of the oldest historical and tourist cities in the state of Austria, as its capital is located at a height of about one thousand four hundred and sixty five meters above sea level as it reaches the length of the mountains there to about more than nine hundred meters approximately and is considered This capital is one of the most famous cities where it is located on the coast of Lake Werther See, which is huge and distinctive, as it is considered one of the most famous lakes in it, and it also has on its coast many different tourist hotels and luxury resorts, and this city also contains one of the most famous landmarks of Austria It is a garden of miniatures of the wonders of the world where it stands out as a model A mini C is one of the most important tourist attractions around the world.

And one of the most beautiful areas that can be visited is Kramer Jassi Street, which is considered one of the most important streets where it is filled with many local and international stores, where all tourists must visit it, and it is also possible to sit in one of the famous cafes, which are found in the Alter Platz Street, and one of the most wonderful The cities that can be visited within the Car Venicia is the city of Villach, as it is considered close to the city of Venice, which is famous for its giant commercial centers and its picturesque and varied lakes, in addition to the Drau River, which has many picturesque river trips that can be enjoyed, and can also Visit the old city castle Watch a lot of artifacts found inside so far.

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