The city of Vienna contains many picturesque and distinctive streets that tourists from all over the world flock to visit, as there are historical streets known from the dawn of history to the present day as one of the most important tourist attractions in Austria and in the entire city of Vienna and it is worth Noting that the city of Vienna has always been called the land of European beauty, in addition to being the official capital of the Austrian state, but it is considered the most beautiful city in it, as it is considered the bride of the Central European continent for its picturesque beauty, as this city has multiplied titles on it, but it was always known as the city of pain And it will remain as she has contributed greatly thanks to highlighting various types of music and creating many different styles of music through her geniuses and different places that care about music and work to spread it, and she has also been dubbed as the city of dreams as this name is due to her due to her beauty The picturesque and which stands out through its picturesque and distinctive tourist features, which are usually historical areas or areas that appeal to the culture of the mind and soul, it is the home of beauty and the home of culture and the home of science, and as it is known about it it always contains various tourist streets that are frequented by Tourists to enjoy what they do Of cultural and historical landmarks and different shops and wonderful local where the local character and culture shows in the Viennese streets, ancient and today we will talk about one of the most distinctive streets, which is considered a sign of tourism signs in the city of Vienna ,,

Maria Helfer Street: Maria Helfer Street is one of the most famous picturesque tourist streets that exist in the city of Vienna specifically there is in the sixth region in Vienna as it is close to the center of Vienna and this street is an important and distinctive historical mark in the city as it reaches the age of This street has been around the beginning of the fifth decade of the nineteenth century AD, and it is also worth noting that this street is distinguished by its various historical buildings, whose shape and form dates back to ancient times and this street is originally a residential street where many residents live Currently, after that it became filled with a For many local and various stores that make it full of many tourists to enjoy the historical atmosphere in this street and learn about the local culture of Vienna.

There are also many hotels that number hundreds of hotels inside this street, including the old and the modern, which distinguish and decorate this picturesque street. It is also worth noting that this street extends over a piece of land with an area of ​​about more than a thousand It is approximately four hundred and eighty-five square meters, and it is located on the southwestern side of Vienna, and it is considered one of the most important shopping streets within Vienna.

As Maria Helfer Street also features many different stores and restaurants that are famous for the Austrian state and the city of Vienna, it is also worth noting that these restaurants offer some foods that take on the old and distinctive local Viennese character and can experience living in the historical atmosphere and Enjoy watching many picturesque historical establishments, and you can also take many memorial photos inside this street while enjoying wandering in the heart of the street and you can also stay in this street Maria Helfer Street where you can shop at any time inside this street as it is also possible to reach anywhere a T easily through the cars that pass through it, as for the cafes, it contains many family cafes that can sit by and eat various types of drinks and multiple cold and hot ones as well in addition to the presence of several cafes that provide snacks for breakfast or to be appetizers Or a snack between main meals alongside drinks.

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