The Philippine Ocean Park is the only water park that has a section dedicated to the penguin, which is very popular among most people, and there is a section dedicated to jellyfish that emits light while swimming in the water.

The most important things to do in the ocean park
– Enjoy watching the various types of rare and distinctive marine creatures, including predatory sharks, marine reptiles, and beautifully colored fish that are placed in spiral fountains.
– People who love swimming and diving can do this hobby in separate swimming pools, which are well equipped and of varying depth to suit children and different ages.

There are safe places for children to play. There are various and varied games such as swings and spongy games, which makes them spend fun times in safety.

– The park contains large numbers of restaurants and cafes that can be visited and enjoying delicious meals and fast dishes that meet all desires
– Within the park there are a large number of shops and exhibitions that visitors can go to while in the park. Wonderful souvenirs can be purchased to be presented to relatives after return.
– You can enjoy watching the distinctive dolphins shows in the covered lounges, as dolphins are a favorite animal for children and adults.

– Which can be enjoyed visiting the section dedicated to birds of beautiful colors, eagles and falcons placed in large-sized cages specially made for them, as it is possible to identify rare types of birds and some reptiles.

Hours of work in the garden
The park is open on Saturday and Sunday from nine in the morning until eight in the evening.
The park can be visited on Mondays to Fridays from ten in the morning until eight in the evening
Ocean Park Manila tickets prices
The ticket for an adult price is 925 Philippine peso.
Ticket price for children is 525 Philippine pesos.

Best hotels near ocean park in manila

1- H.2.Oh Hotel: It is considered one of the best hotels in Manila, about 0.2 km away from Ocean Park in Manila, the hotel got good ratings in general. Arab visitors to the hotel.
2- Manila Hotel: It received a high rating and it is considered one of the best hotels in Manila, 0.5 km away from the park. The hotel got very good reviews from Arab visitors from all sides.

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