Krk Island is the island located in the Gulf of Kvarner and is the largest island of 1246 islands in the Adriatic Sea. Its coast is characterized as equilateral, you can see about 20 islands, cliffs and many beaches rich in natural charming. There are about 68 villages on the island, including the most important villages of the town of Karak and resorts such as Punat, Njivice, Bashka, the city of dobrinj, Malinska, Vrbnik. Since 1980, the town of Karak has been connected to the mainland by a bridge.
Krk Island
Karak is the administrative center of the island, which includes 15 small villages. Karak is characterized by its attractiveness to many tourists. Krk Island contains the most important cultural sites, namely the 1119 Court and Frankopan Castle built in the 12th century. The city dates back to the 3rd and 4th century BC. Here you may also find ruins of Romen mosaics, churches and the homes of the famous noble families. The current cathedral was one of the cathedral made in the fifth century, which has been built and modified over the centuries.
the climate
Krk Island is located in a region with a temperate climate. The average air temperature in summer is 26 ° C. During July and August, on average more than 25 days the maximum temperature is more than 25 ° C. Even in June, the temperature can last about 15 days at its highest level of more than 25 degrees Celsius. The average sea surface temperature from June to September reaches above 23 ° C.

Punat is a popular prehistoric tourist resort. Legend has it that he owes her name to meridians. The word Ponce – which means bridge. The name of the village is mentioned in the scriptures of the 14th century. It is well known that the large marina ponds are a great place in the tourist site where you can play many sports such as golf, diving, sailing and underwater fishing. Bonat has a rich history, which is confirmed by historical monuments, among which are the oldest remains of St. Peter’s Basilica from the fifth century, then St. Groem Church and Benedictine Monastery from the 11th century.
The village of Njivice
Njivice Village is a small fishing village located on the island of Krk and is a tourist destination for many foreign and domestic tourists. In the past, it appeared in the 15th century in many documents while its other archaeological contents confirming its existence were discovered earlier. Today, its inhabitants work in the fields or in the woods. It began developing tourism services since it was built in the early 1930s. Besides excellent accommodation, this charming little village has a lot to offer from the magnificent sea, beautiful trees and pleasant climate.

Bashka is a beautiful village on the island of Krk, it is one of the most beautiful plazas located in the center of Bashka, and it is characterized by its proximity to restaurants, pizzerias and cafes. Villa Plaza is approximately 2 km away which is the ideal place for families with young children or those who cannot swim. Especially the pure sea and excellent facilities. Here you can rent all kinds of beach and water sports equipment.
The city of dobrinj
The city of dobrinj is the administrative center that houses twenty small villages. It dates back to the 12th century in an inscription named Listina Slavnog Dragoslava. It is the most important cultural site of this beautiful site, which includes the 12th-century St. Vid Church and St. Stephen’s Church.
Malinska is located in the bay on the northern part of the island. Known as the dense oak forest, which was once the harbor for the export of wood. This beautiful tourist resort abounds in exquisite rich vegetation and sandy beaches. Malinska has a great history since the building of the monastery and the Church of St. Mary. If you visit the museum you will see a rich ethnographic collection preserved over the centuries.
Your fret
Vrtek is a small village, located on the southeast coast of Krk Island. Your verity stretches about 48 meters above sea level. Close to Freetech you can find a beautiful beach located in St. Mark’s Bay.

Enjoy on Krk Island
Krk Island is a diverse island that offers a variety of attractions and interesting experiences, whether you are a lover of culture and nature or attractions: the thousand years of cities, small rural villages, well-equipped city beaches, secluded swimming bays, bars, clubs and small restaurants.
Krk Island is also an ideal place to get to know Croatia’s heritage. We recommend visiting the towns of Krk Island from Baska, Fritec, Punat, Malinska, in Njivice, Omisalj, to enjoy peace and tranquility in Krk and rural areas like Brzac Village. Today, Krk Island attracts more than half a million visitors.

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