Here’s a snorkeling, diving and everything underwater guide, Mexico, specifically Riviera Maya, has a lot of love and enjoying the wonderful weather, beautiful scenery and historical sites.

Or relax on the sandy beach, sip a cocktail or two, and enjoy intermittent cold in the crystal sea, as well as popular recreational places, but for those interested in adding something more active, there is a lot of water centered around marine activities, whether you are an experienced diver, or Beginning, you will find many great water adventures within the area.
Below is information about the best underwater activities to do in Riviera Maya.

(cenotes), a swimming pit, and the floor is often filled with refreshing turquoise water, is a must for anyone visiting this area.
According to Mayans, these natural wonders are a gateway to the underworld, with the ability to purify oneself, as well as set aside spiritual forces, they are ideal for swimming, diving and diving, so many of these, they own small shops to rent equipment, or visitors can bring their own equipment Only premium divers should dive into rocky gaps, as they have narrow spaces and are difficult to navigate.
Entrance fee is approximately US $ 5 to $ 10 per person, with additional costs for any guided tour, and equipment rental.
There are also ecological adventure parks (Rivera Maya – Xplor, Xel-Ha and Xcaret) that use their surroundings to create fun activities centered around nature and water.
(Xcaret Park) is an ideal place for diving, for those who are not trained to dive, but still want to experience the marine life below the surface, diving with a helmet is a great option.
In fact, you don’t even have to be a great swimmer to absorb underwater creatures. Visitors wear an astronaut helmet that allows them to breathe naturally.

As for wildlife, Xcaret Park offers cultural activities, including special interactive shows that allow the whole family to get acquainted with Mexican culture.
The park also includes an on-site cenote where guests can swim and explore.
There is also a tour (Xenotes) that you will enjoy landing, slide ropes, kayaking, and downhill jumping in four different types of rocky gaps, including lunch breaks.
Xel-Ha is also known as the largest natural aquarium in Mexico, with an impressive array of plants and animals. The park, which is also a well-protected ecosystem, has been awarded the EarthCheck Gold award.
The fortified lake here is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving, where you can also subscribe to (snuba), which has a rooftop air tank while breathing through a long tube. Snuba fans love to dive deeper than diving without having to wear a tank on your back, as is the case with scuba diving.

Finally, water enthusiasts come to (Xplor) for underground floating trekking trips, as well as rafting trips into rocky cavities, and other wet activities include amphibious rides and the liner pulling in the water.
You will also feel like you are in another world in Rio Secreto or “Secret River”.
You can swim and hike through a protected underground river system of 600 meters in length, with thousands of cool sediments and falling bows.
It also houses (1.3 million acres) UNESCO World Heritage site, which owns amazing jungles and beaches, and an opportunity to explore the environmental wonders of the Riviera Maya, in ways that are not harmful to the environment.

You can plunge into the picturesque coral reefs of Central America, the habitat of dolphins and sea turtles and hundreds of colorful fish species, or float in the Mayan canal, in addition, there are many boat and kayak operators available with ample opportunities to swim and watch wildlife.
As for the accommodation, some hotels in Riviera Maya are well suited for water activities.
For example, the all-inclusive Occidental at Xcaret Destination provides private access to the Xcaret Archaeological Park.
Guests can also choose the Ultimate Xcaret package, which includes unlimited access to the park, as well as special amenities and discounts. At the same time, it provides an adult-only saltwater pool at the resort’s edge, and wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea, not only that There are unique cultural experiences that happen during high season, so you will find better crowds and better prices.
Hotel (Hacienda Tres Rios), if you are interested in indulging in water-centered activities, its name calls for the three rivers of the property.
Another option is Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa, which features snorkelling and on-site swimming in Cenote.
In addition, the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort, a natural river cruise can be arranged, for those who are ready to relax, and it also has a spa built around Cenote.

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