The Hohe Tauern National Park, which is located in Austria, is the largest and largest in the world, as it is located in the Alps region, as it contains a group of mountains and stunning landscapes in addition to the various glaciers, rocks and green spaces in it. Natural includes a lot of different natural environments, as it provides many different tourism activities, the most important of which are skiing, climbing and other various sporting activities as the country of Austria is famous for containing many islands and cities that have a long history in addition to The technological civilization that tourism has witnessed in Austria is what made it build a modern tourism civilization and compete with its ancient civilization, which makes it one of the most suitable countries for tourism and the state of Austria contains a lot of pleasures that many tourists from different countries of the whole world wish to visit as it is considered a country that is not Coastal as it does not overlook any sea or ocean as it is located in the center of the continent of Central Europe, but it is characterized by the passage of the colorful Danube River, which passes through many other European tourist countries, the most important of which are Germany, Ukraine, Portugal and others, as for the city of both Ganfourt She cares R is one of the most beautiful cities of the state of Curtin as it is also considered the main capital of the state of Curtin, which is one of the most important tourist states that exist in the state of Austria, and it is also worth noting that the city of both Gansferot is located close to the international borders that separate the state of Austria and between The southern region of the famous mountain range the Alps, which has the largest nature reserves and is a reserve is the Tauern National, which we will talk about today ,,

The Ho He Tauern Nature Reserve is considered one of the most important natural reserves, as it is located in Austria, which is located on a plot of land area of ​​about one thousand and eight hundred and thirty four square kilometers, which is more than seven hundred square miles, and by this number it is actually considered the largest reserve It is the largest in the entire Alps region as it is also considered the second largest European national park on the level of the continent of Europe, and it has been considered a nature reserve as a natural reserve since the beginning of the ninety-eighth century until the present day, and it is worth noting that this The reserve contains many elevated groups of escaping mountains Aya, whose height reaches more than ten thousand feet.

It also contains the Ho He Tauern National Park, with distinctive mountain views in addition to glaciers and gigantic blocks, which can take many pictures on it, in addition to many wonderful green rocks and pastures, and this indicates that this reserve contains various types of diverse natural environments .

It is also worth noting that this reserve contains in its heart a region that has an area of ​​more than one thousand two hundred square kilometers and that it is strictly forbidden for any person or any human intervention to approach it so that this environment is preserved against any interference Abnormal in the area to remain a virgin natural area untouched by human beings, also that this reserve can be easily accessed by a puppy Sjellukner Road, which passes through this reserve and is easy to move inside, and it is worth noting also that this reserve contains more Of the thirty-three guards in order to guide the visitors and tourists in the place as they are standing We also inform the visitors about the nature’s secrets in the park. There is also a program for schoolchildren who takes children on a trip to this reserve. Also, in the summer vacation, it organizes a program to make the children play the role of the small guards of the reserve during their vacation so that they can learn the secrets of nature. And how to maintain it.

And one of the most beautiful tourist activities that exist in this reserve also are ski trips, which have been active in the recent period in this reserve, where many tourists go to this reserve specifically for skiing.

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