The name of the valley indicates the many waterfalls in it that inspired many poets to write poems that enrich its ethereal beauty, and the most famous of which is the Staubach waterfalls, which is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe, which was the source of inspiration for the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who visited the village in 1779 and wrote about it The poem “The Song of Soul on Water”.

The valley is an ideal place for nature lovers wishing to hike the bosom of nature or lovers of excitement and adventure who come to climb rocky cliffs and jump from high mountains to flowering meadows and over flowing rivers. Ski lovers can easily reach the ski areas from “Wengen-Kleine Scheidegg” to “Mürren-Schilthorn” by enjoying a pleasant journey between mountainous areas by train, and the areas include long snow trails of more than 100 km, and special paths for professionals more than 50 meters in length.

The village of Waterbrunnen is located in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world in the heart of the Swiss Alps between the huge rocky faces and majestic mountain peaks. Colorful for the Alps.

In the summer, the valley is adorned with a colorful green garment, and holiday resorts that connect to the village thrive on a cable car that takes visitors to the summit of the “Schilthorn” mountain, which reaches a height of 2971 meters, the region where one of the famous 007 films was shot. The small and tranquil village of “Isenfluh” perched on a steep rocky balcony provides the starting point for walking in the romantic Sustal and access to the Lubrun Mountains.

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