Yildiz Park is an urban historical park located in Besiktas on the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul’s civilized city in Turkey, and it is one of the largest public parks in Istanbul, and the garden is located in the Yildiz neighborhood between Yildiz and Sheeran Palaces, and it is one of the most beautiful parks in the world with some reforms and amendments have been added to it And it became full of trees, flowers and various plants brought from different places in the world and some of them are rare plants.

The history of Yildiz Park

The Yildiz Park was part of the imperial garden of Yıldız Palace, and the park extends over the lower slopes on the slopes of the palace, and was intended only for the residents of the palace during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and in the Byzantine era, the Yildiz region was a forest and from the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent the Sultans made it a land designated for hunting In the centuries that followed, the land remained behind coastal palaces and the neighborhood began to flourish.

Following the construction of the palace in the nineteenth century and it was called Yıldız Kasrı, it was commissioned by Sultan Selim III in the early nineteenth century, an area of ​​25 acres (0.10 square kilometers) of the garden of the external palace and was surrounded by high walls and separate from the garden during the era of Abdul Hamid Second, in the nineteenth century a small artificial lake, pavilions, summer homes, and a porcelain factory were created in this section.

The park today

It is a beautiful complex that includes a large group of flowers, plants and trees collected from all parts of the world and some dating back to the Ottoman era, and the Yildiz Garden lands offer panoramic views of the Bosphorus Strait, and the garden is a place for family picnics, especially on weekends, and two beautiful old pavilions are exploited The Çadır and Malta suite, for rest, drinking tea, breakfast and lunch.
The garden is divided into two parts, the outer section is open to the masses and includes the Şale, Çadır and Malta wings and the Yıldız porcelain factory that is still in operation today, and includes the garden cover of magnolia, bay leaves, Ethiopian blue, lemon silver and horse chestnut, as it is a refuge for both oak and trees Cypress, pine, herbs, rice and bitter, and besides, the outer section contains two artificial lakes.

Tourist activities in Yildiz Park

As previously said, the garden includes a number of artificial lakes and rivers, fountains, trees, flowers and herbs, so a visitor to the park can enjoy taking photographs with the family or individual pictures or nature photos there, and the lakes also include types of fish and beautiful ducks, perhaps taking a picture of these types of ducks looks exciting, beautiful and experience You will be worth it.
Also the park is suitable for air sports enthusiasts There are paths for walking and running in the arms of nature singing alongside flowers and trees of rare existence, and after completing the exercise you can go to the restaurant above the hilltop called the palace restaurant for a delicious Turkish breakfast consisting of Turkish miners Shakshoka, boric, white bread and honey , Traditional Turkish eggs, Turkish potatoes, Turkish cheese, etc. The restaurant provides you with a unique view over the Bosphorus and the garden.

The times of visiting Yildiz Park

The garden is open to visitors twenty-four hours and admission is free.

Best hotels near yildiz park

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

The hotel is located directly in front of the garden, providing you with a direct view of the sea, it is a nineteenth century Ottoman palace that features a swimming pool that includes a health product and a gym. It offers elegant rooms with free Wi-Fi. There is a TV, air conditioning, and fridge in each room. Of the 250 varieties of fine cuisine, there are traditional Turkish bath services, there is free parking, and the hotel has received good ratings in terms of hygiene, staff cooperation, comfort, and garden and sea views.

Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel

It is located right in front of Yildiz Palace and away from Yildiz Park within a few minutes’ walk. The hotel provides a distinctive view of the Bosphorus, was chosen as the best hotel in Europe in 2015. The hotel includes three tennis courts, recreational facilities, a health product, a gym, a Turkish bath, indoor and outdoor pools, and a restaurant that serves international food Innovative, it includes a business center and meeting room and is 51 km from Istanbul Airport. The hotel got high ratings in terms of cleanliness, staff cooperation, breakfast, location and Bosphorus view.

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