Istanbul is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in the city, with a diverse heritage, historical, touristic and natural, and also in the kitchen and cooking for that city. A rich and unique culture, but some say that Istanbul is not for family travel and taking children, but this assumption is completely wrong, as there is a set of distinct activities waiting Your child including world-famous aquariums and the best places to photograph the child and take vivid and expressive pictures so we will review the most important tourist attractions for families and children.

1- Istanbul Aquarium:

One of the largest public aquariums in the world, there are more than 64 types of small and large marine life offers attractive offers for youngsters accompanying watching fish interactive shows and 5d screens There is a cinema halls and souvenir shops and restaurants for multiple meals and foods There are healthy foods suitable for youngsters The area covers the area 1000 square meters is one of the most prominent places that both children and adults prefer.
Address: Istanbul Aquarium, lenlikkoy Mahallesi, Yeşilkoy Halkalı Cadessi No: 93, Florya, Istanbul, Turkey,
Phone: 902125742135.

2- Rahmi Koç Museum:
The museum displays a variety of private cars for self-made Turkish businessman Rahmi Kush The museum offers a collection of cars, boats, locomotives, submarines, airplanes and much more near the golden horn The historic commercial port of Turkey is one of the vital areas, it is suitable for male children from the age of ten as these things attract them A lot and they like to watch it ..
Address: Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Piri Paşa, Hasköy Cadessi No: 5, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 902123696600.

3- Vialand Theme Park:
You can spend a full day in Istanbul Vialand theme park, an integrated games city that includes the latest electric toys, electronic games, adventure games, safari, theaters, restaurants, a place for cars and classic courses for children. It is one of the places that children prefer a lot inside Istanbul. And it has beautiful games suitable for all business.
Address: Vialand, Yeşilpınar Mahallesi, Yeşilpınar, Şehit Metin Kaya Sk. No: 11, Eyüp, Istanbul, Turkey,
Phone: 908502108563.

4- Istanbul Toy Museum:
One of the most prominent places in the city of Istanbul that cares about children The museum is a collection of games since its invention on the ground to this day The museum is located in the baroque villa There is a theatrical presentation and courses to teach drawing and develop children’s skills and includes more than 4000 old antique games collected from different parts The world There are discount tickets for children and parents. Perhaps the museum is an appropriate place to spend an attractive day with your child.
Address: Istanbul Toy Museum, Dr. Zeki Zeren Sok., Ömer Paşa Cadessi No: 15, Göztepe, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 902163594550.

5- Miniatürk:
It is a place that contains a miniature of all the historical tourism attractions in Istanbul and the world among more than 120 miniature models dating back to the Ottoman era in Istanbul on the most distinctive. Suitable for 10-16 year olds, where a child can see an amazing microcosm of the planet’s landmarks.
Address: Miniaturk, Sütluse Mahallesi, İmrahor Cadessi No: 7, Sütluse, Istanbul, Turkey,
Phone: 902122222882.
These were the most important places that you can take your little ones to in the city of civilizational magic and history. The city of Istanbul, of course, your children will love those special places, especially the giant aquarium and the Children’s Museum.

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