During the season of Diriyah, you can enjoy in the Diriyah Oasis the destination of entertainment, cultural and artistic landmarks such as the “Diriyah Wheel” that will illuminate the city sky and its activities suitable for all family members from November 24 to December 21.

Diriyah Oasis dates

Ad Diriyah Oasis welcomes you from Monday to Wednesday: from 4 pm to 12 midnight and Thursday: from 10 am to 2 am and Friday and Saturday: from 10 am to 2 midnight.

Latest technology

Ad-Diriyah Oasis highlights creative artistic innovations by employing the latest technologies and creating innovative landscapes that attendees interact with in an inspiring way that stimulates the imagination.

Four regions

Al-Dir’iyya Oasis is divided into four areas: “Nature”, “Imagination”, “Reflection”, “Impulse”, and is centered around a center that challenges gravity to provide a unique experience in which all family members enjoy. This experiment aims to advance and enrich society by developing an inspiring space that combines education and entertainment for all segments of society.

A world of imagination

Enjoy a magical experience that simulates the greenery of nature and enters you in a world of imagination, reflection and impulsivity, in a world of creativity on an area of ​​130 thousand square meters, full of fun for you and your family, including entertainment and cultural activities and events suitable for all ages.

Shield culture and civilization

Al-Duryia Governorate is considered as a springboard for the glory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it left a great impact on the culture and civilization of the entire region, due to its uniqueness in architecture and rich resources. In honor of its heritage, the Druze Oasis was established, in which all the features of the historical province are cultural and educational in nature, where the oasis acts as a recreational area where originality and creativity meet by highlighting the aesthetic of the site and enhancing it with modern architecture and resources.

Ad-Diriyah Oasis ... a leisure, cultural and artistic destination for all family members
Ad-Diriyah Oasis … a leisure, cultural and artistic destination for all family members

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