Information about the Shangri-La Hotel, Jeddah and its features, the city of Jeddah is considered one of the most important commercial centers in the Kingdom, as it is visited by many visitors inside and outside the Kingdom, so many luxurious international hotels always seek to find in Jeddah a location on its lands, in order to distinguish the hotel market in Jeddah, where What this city offers attractive opportunities in tourism investment, which made Jeddah close to the establishment of many and many of the most luxurious new hotels on its land, and among the most prominent of these international hotels is the Shangri-La Hotel, which is the first Shangri-La project in the Kingdom, which has been established. Under cent close Eng. Abdullah Al-Issa cooperation with a group so authentic because they were walking on the same approach and to ensure excellence and you more details on Arab travelers.

Shangri-La International Hotel Chain:

The global chain of Shangri-La hotels is found in many countries of the world, where in Canada there are two hotels in the Shangri-la chain, and in Hong Kong there are four, while in Malaysia there are nine hotels, in Sri Lanka there are two and in Singapore five and in mainland China there are five while in Myanmar has three, and in India there are three, and in the United Arab Emirates there are four, and in Indonesia there are two and in the Philippines there are six, while in the Maldives there are two and Qatar two, Taiwan and Thailand two and Singapore five hotels.
While there is one hotel in Mauritius, Fiji, Japan, Mongolia, France, Oman, United Kingdom, Ghana and Turkey.

Shangri-La Hotel, Jeddah:

The Shangri-La Hotel, Jeddah, was inaugurated at the beginning of 2020, to be considered the first Shangri-La Hotel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Shangri-La Hotel, Jeddah, was inaugurated in Jeddah to be added to the international chain of hotels in Jeddah. The hotel consists of 242 rooms consisting of 65 floors, and one of the most distinguished Shangri-La Jeddah is its location overlooking the Red Sea beach. The hotel includes a number of halls and includes three restaurants. It also includes a large three-story hall, a sports club and a spa center. It also includes a private club for children and an indoor swimming pool as well as a number of lounges and other facilities.

Hotel website features:

  • One of the most distinguished features of this hotel is its vertical location on the coastline, which helped a lot to provide more wonderful scenes overlooking the Red Sea.
  • The exterior design of the hotel is characterized by its great ability to provide more shade spaces for the hotel’s interior spaces, in addition to protecting the balconies from any winds, and is considered more privacy, in addition to the nature of the design of the hotel and the building materials that were used, in addition to the brilliant lighting that helped to Creating distinctive shapes that are very impressive, as the lighting completely meets its strands on the roof of the building in a wonderful scenery simulating the waves of the sea.

Hotel Details:

  • The Mohammed Abdul Latif Al-Essa Holding Group Company is the owner of this huge project, which has a height of about 265 meters, as for the number of floors, it is 65 floors, and the total area of ​​the hotel reaches 9,710 square meters, while the total built area is about 150 thousand square meters.
  • The Shangri-La Hotel Jeddah takes a five-star rating, and the number of rooms and suites in the hotel is 236 suites and hotels, while the number of hotel apartments is about 122 hotel apartments, which are the apartments of residence that are managed by the hotel. Also many recreational facilities such as a kids club and a swimming pool also includes a spa, and a coffee shop that includes four hotels and a garden for tea.

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