Al-Waqq Islands

It is a group of islands that are mentioned in ancient Arabic books in a big way, but in reality they have no effect on the ground, but some could not confirm whether it was fact or fictitious, as most books determine their location as being in the Sea of ​​India , Or the China Sea,
The Arabs called the condom the name of a condom on two different countries, the first located in the Far East, specifically on the eastern side of the continent of Asia, bordered on the northern side by the Republic of China, and this opinion was followed by the French orientalist Fran, in addition to the Russian orientalist Kratchko Vsky, as for the country The other is located on the eastern side of the coast of the continent of Africa.


As for the origin of its name, some scholars said that according to the presence of fruits in the shape of the heads of women in which there is a long feeling hanging and hanging in the branches, and when the air falls, the plant hears it and says a condom, and there is a second opinion that says Ibn Battuta brought the word from the Chinese books, And another opinion says that they are islands characterized by the presence of gold in them abundantly, where their people used to make chains and pimps for monkeys of gold, and they wear shirts woven with gold. Without wearing anything, on top of which is a crown, She had a lot of naked runners-up.

Heritage books mentioned condom

  • Introduction to Ibn Khaldun, where Al-Waqq Islands is mentioned as a condom on page thirty-six.
  • Map of Abu Abdullah Muhammad al-Idrisi, drawn in 1154 CE.
  • The Al-Mutafrif Book in Every Expired Art, by Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Mansour Al-Abshihi.
  • The book Al-Rawd Al-Mu’tar found in the news of the countries, and the name Al-Waqiq was mentioned in five different topics, and it is located on page 190 of the article Alankamarda, page 458 of the article Al-Bertail, page 1509 of the article Al-Sahab, page 1744 of the article Al-Sarif, in addition to page 2893 and page 2894 Page 2895, which talks about these islands in detail.

Al-Waqq Islands is literary in literature

There are many books mentioned by Al-Waqq Al-Waqq, including the following:

  • The novel of Ales in the Land of Condom.
  • Book of One Thousand and One Nights.
  • The tragedy of Al-Waqq writer, Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Zubayri.
  • People in the country of condom, by author Wajih Yaqub Al-Sayed.
  • Searching for antidotes in the countries of al-Waqq al-Waqq, by writer Sebawi Abd al-Karim, where al-Waqq Islands are mentioned on page 1773.

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