Maddalena Islands are famous for the virgin beaches with crystal water and pink sand inside the Strait of Botafacio along the northeastern coast of Sardinia, where a series of bays, rocks and blue cliffs that rise from the deep seabed and dense colors are spread. Prehistoric.

There are many attractive beaches on the shores of the islands of Maddalena and some are isolated to suit married couples who want to spend a romantic time away from the crowd of tourists who come to enjoy swimming, diving and boat trips. The island can be reached by sea ferries from the italyn coastal city of Palau and the journey takes only 20 minutes or by plane to Oliva Airport.

The main city is located on the island of Maddalena, which has a large number of sandy beaches that are all outside the city, but it is easily accessible thanks to the panoramic bus service that revolves around the island, as well as picturesque isolated beaches on the nearby islands can be reached by boat, such as the charming pink beaches of Bodley Island that It is famous for its picturesque southern beaches such as Cala Piatto and Cala Cistern with clean water, rocks and colorful fish.

Watching the sunset from the island’s highest point, Monte Guardia Vecchia, cannot be missed. The island contains many luxurious hotels and resorts or comfortable private homes that dot the main market of the city where local craftsmen offer the most beautiful handicrafts such as woven carpets, silver shapes, coral jewelry and honorary vessels. And wood carvings.

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