There are many options when it comes to chartering yachts in Dubai, but we will facilitate the task for you and offer you the best companies.
These companies provide you with the possibility to rent yachts that suit you according to the size and according to the occasion, some offer a service organizing events, whether private, social or professional. Prices are generally according to the hour and vary according to the yacht and the occasion.
Dubai Exotic Yacht

Dubai Exotic Yacht is the largest fleet in the Emirates which includes yachts and fishing boats. The person who wants to hire can choose what suits him in terms of size, the number of guests that the boat can accommodate, or according to the model. The fleet includes a distinguished group of yachts such as “Sea Ray”, which is 61 feet long, “Majesty” or “Virgo” length of 88 feet and many other different yachts. This company won the award for best company in the Middle East in addition to the Arabian Gulf Yating Award in 2010.

Dubai yacht and boat rental – Dubai Rental Boat

The services provided by this company are different and varied, whether in terms of cruises, fishing trips and even water games. There are a range of luxury yachts that a person can choose from, such as “Aqua Queen”, which is 82 feet long, “CC1” length of 55 feet, and “Sama Dubai” length of 50 feet.

Al Wasl Yachts – Alwasl Yachts

Al Wasl also owns a variety of fishing boats, sailboats and luxury yachts. The options are many, in different sizes and models. The company also provides certified captain in addition to a staff that supervises the welfare of customers. It also organizes parties for special events on board yachts.

Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Dubai Yacht Club is a landmark tourist attraction and a great place to shop and eat delicious food. It consists of 4 ports and the Clubhouse Marina is the place where luxury yachts stop. This club offers the ability to charter a 13-meter Athena yacht and can host 14 people. Usually those who charter this yacht organize social gatherings or leisure business events.

Xclusive Yachts

The company is indeed a 5-star service and it provides services that include transportation in the luxury of land and sea. She has a huge fleet of luxury yachts that range in length from 95 feet to 78 feet and 84 feet .. But, regardless of the length, they are all very luxurious. According to their website, this company is the only company in Dubai that owns the yachts. The company’s 10 years of serving customers has resulted in 18 awards.

Eden Yachting

This company can provide you with 3 things when it comes to yachting, chartering, buying or selling. But what we are interested in here is the rental .. a 5-star company that provides luxury services and also organizes trips on demand, whether inside or outside the Emirates. She owns a professional team whose mission is to organize any event and any occasion, whether for entertainment, work or other occasions.

Easy Yacht

The company provides a variety of options for chartering yachts and organizing events and parties, whether birthdays and even weddings. The company also organizes fishing trips and provides those wishing to help professional staff. Your fleet is large and varied, and of course the price varies with size, luxury, and length of time.

Elite Pearl

This company provides luxury transportation by land, sea and air. Founded in 2003, it is one of the leading companies in the field of luxury yacht rental. What distinguishes this company from others is that the yachts that are owned are huge, for example, a Majesty yacht with a length of 121 feet, and the Tatiana yacht with a length of 236 feet. But this does not mean that it does not have smaller boats, but there are many options that suit everyone.
Luxury and mega yachts can be chartered, cruise yachts, or fast and sporty yachts.

Super Yacht Dubai

Another company provides yachts, sailing boats and fishing trips. It also organizes for those wishing private or shared cruises for different destinations. It has a huge fleet of yachts that vary in size and luxury. In addition, there is the possibility to organize special events on board. All you have to do is visit the site, choose the yacht you like, see its specifications, price and reservation

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